International Women’s Day: Women chefs celebrate with the ultimate cookie collaboration


On International Women’s Day, some Chicago women chefs celebrate the women who inspire them through the ultimate cookie collaboration.

While women may be the heart of any kitchen, professional women chefs often struggle in the culinary industry. In the past several months, more chefs have been vocal about the potentially volatile climates in some professional kitchens. Even with that strife, women chefs are a force in the kitchen.

For many of us, a woman, whether it is a mom, grandmother or another female role model, shared their love of cooking. From a recipe handed down from generation to generation to a favorite food, the kitchen and cooking held both memories and inspiration. On International Women’s Day, several esteemed Chicago women chefs are celebrating those people who inspired them through cookies.

International Women’s Day: Women chefs celebrate with the ultimate cookie collaboration, photo provided by H2 Public Relations

The ultimate cookie collaboration is a way for these chefs to show gratitude through their passion, cooking. While the cookies might be the tasty part of the celebration, the food isn’t the only gift. Each cookie is presented with a story. The reflection shares how other women impacted these talented chefs and helped them become the woman that they are today.

According to Dana Cree, Pastry Chef, The Publican, “Today we are sharing cookies inspired by the women who inspired us, often without any public recognition, to be the women we are today.” The hope of this special event is to spark a conversation about women’s influence in not just the culinary world, but also everyone’s lives.

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From that special teacher who gave you the courage to dream big to the industry leader who broke down barriers, so many women have made a difference to the world. Often, these women don’t look for the recognition that they rightfully deserve. Rather, they strive to do better because they know that all women deserve better.

Participating in this special event are some of Chicago’s brightest and most talented women chefs. Included in the celebration are:

"Mindy Segal — Mindy’s Hot ChocolateMeg Galus — BokaGenie Kwon — OrioleKelly Helgesen — ParachuteLeigh Omilinsky — Nico OsteriaSandra Holl — Floriole Café & BakeryMolly Svec — Spilt Milk BakeryMari Katsumura — Gideon SweetAllison Schroeder — The BellemoreKym DeLost — The Lawless GroupEmily Spurlin — Bad HunterNicole Guini — BlackbirdDinah Grossman — Spinning J"

The ultimate cookie collaboration treats will be “offered from the counter all day at Publican Quality Meats for $2-3, and in cookie jars at both Publican Anker and The Publican for $15 during dinner service.” Each chef has created her own cookie for this special event. “100% of proceeds from their sales donated to the local women’s shelter, Deborah’s Place. Additional cookies made by the participating pastry chefs will be donated to the women and children of Deborah’s Place.”

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If you’re in Chicago, try to support these women chefs and the ultimate cookie collaboration on International Women’s Day. For those people not in Chicago, take a moment to give gratitude to a woman has inspired, helped or influenced your life. Hopefully, one day of gratitude can turn into a future of change.