Crock-Pot March Madness cook-off: Duel of the Dishes


Perfecting the ultimate Crock-Pot recipe takes skill. Just in time for March Madness, Crock-Pot presents the Duel of the Dishes.

No one wants to miss a moment of all the March Madness action. The trusted, original slow cooker, Crock-Pot, wants everyone to have the best, most popular recipes for anyone’s “homegating” needs. The Duel of the Dishes looks to determine the ultimate homegating dish.

Homegating is similar to tailgating. Friends and fans gather at home to watch their favorite sporting event. It is a tailgating like experience except you don’t leave the comforts of your home (bonus the line to the bathroom is much shorter).

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Even though everyone’s March Maness brackets are in desperate need of a do-over, the upcoming games should be very entertaining. But, no one wants to just watch games. Food makes the whole event more entertaining.

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The Crock-Pot Duel of the Dishes takes two similar recipes and has fans vote for a winner. In the first round, variations on the similar dishes battled for supremacy. From Pulled Pork Tacos versus Mahi Fish Tacos to Hoisin-Sriracha Wings versus Honey Garlic Wings, one recipe continued on in the competition. Now, these recipes continue on to determine which dish is a fan favorite. Only one slow cooker dish will be crowned the ultimate Duel of the Dishes winner on March 26.

Looking at the dishes still in contention, I think that either the dip or the tacos will be the ultimate winner. Who doesn’t have a dip at a homegating event? It’s the ultimate snack that lasts all game long. Plus, when the dip stays warm in the Crock-Pot, the host doesn’t have to break away from the action to make the food.

One of the interesting facts about this Duel of the Dishes is the versatility and the variety of flavors in each dish. While home cooks appreciate the simplicity of using a slow cooker, these recipes have bold, complex flavors. The recipes aren’t plain or boring. Hopefully, this March Madness inspired competition encourages the home cook to do more with their slow cooker.

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Maybe for your Final Four watching party, the event can have its own Crock-Pot Duel of the Dishes? What recipes would you use in a Duel of the Dishes? Share your thoughts in the comments section.