Cold Foam: Can Starbucks entice guests with a new offering?


Cold brew coffee just got another upgrade. Starbucks introduced the new Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew and Cold Foam Starbucks® Blonde Iced Cappuccino.

As the weather gets warmer, people start craving iced cold beverages. Knowing that cold brew is here to stay, Starbucks has found a new take on the coffee trend. The new cold foam offerings could quickly become your favorite new coffee.

Just announced, the three new Starbucks coffee beverages feature a nod to classic coffee beverages. The foam has been a hallmark of the coffee juggernaut. From the classic cappuccino to a dollop of foam on other coffee beverages, a perfect foam completes a delicious coffee beverage.

The new cold foam is created differently. According to the coffee giant, the foam is “frothed cold instead of hot by blending nonfat milk until it is smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream.” While I haven’t tried the new foam, it sounds delicious. It sounds similar to using a gadget to create a foam or the technique of whipping cream. In either case, the foam could have robust flavor with few calories.
Cold Foam Cascara cold brew, photo provided by Starbucks

Available in three new beverages, these coffee beverages appear to be sweet, yet still retain the coffee flavor. The beverages are Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew, Cold Foam Starbucks® Blonde Iced Cappuccino and Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew. While not all locations will offer these new coffee beverages, the offerings are worth a try.

The flavor profiles are said to be slightly sweet. Flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and maple highlight the smooth coffee. The specialty foam can also be added to other beverages.

It is refreshing to see Starbucks add some coffee beverages to its new menu offerings. While some people enjoy the psychedelic colored Frappuccino, those drinks are more for conversation and Instagram photos. Sure the colors are bright and bold, but the drinks are a giant sugar bomb. Even though these new coffee beverages have a sweet note, the flavoring shouldn’t be overpowering.

Given the addition of another cold brew coffee option, it doesn’t appear that this coffee trend is going anywhere. The smooth taste of cold brew coffee keeps people coming back for more. Sometimes it is nice to have a smooth coffee that doesn’t need any additions to mask the coffee flavor.

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