Is Starbucks releasing another brightly colored blended drink?


People are buzzing that Starbucks is preparing to release the Crystal Ball Frappuccino. Could another brightly colored blended drink take over your Instagram feed?

While Starbucks hasn’t confirmed the rumors, many outlets are speculating that a new Frappuccino will be coming soon. The alleged Crystal Ball Frappuccino is said to be a special limited edition blended drink. Does the coffee giant need to release another one of these brightly colored blended drinks?

Over the past year, Starbucks has released many brightly colored frozen concoctions. Last year’s Unicorn Frappuccino had people lining up for the Instagram worthy beverage. Who didn’t see a flurry of these drinks on their Instagram feed?

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While the sour/sweet frozen beverage had many fans, the flavor combination was as confusing as the colors. The changing flavors were as confusing as the unicorn reference. Still, fans lined up to sample one of these drinks.

The unicorn Frappuccino wasn’t the only brightly colored blended drink to hit the coffee chain. The mermaid Frappuccino followed. These crazy blended drinks, especially with its limited availability, become instant hits. It probably isn’t specifically for the flavors. The “special” quality drives the purchase.

Just recently, many outlets are speculating that Starbucks’ new Crystal Ball Frappuccino is the next brightly colored blended drink. Business Insider reports that this new Frappuccino will feature peach flavors and have a candy topping. A few Instagram images show that the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is blue, white and has flecks of pink.

While Starbucks will not confirm the new drink release, a new drink is expected from the coffee chain. Although companies often try out new flavors/beverages before a nationwide launch, these pictures seem to hint that a new drink is on the horizon.

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Peach seems like a likely flavor choice. Cheerios just released a new peach flavor. Although peach season isn’t till later in the summer, the flavor is a smart choice for spring. Hopefully, the flavor is more natural, real peach versus a gigantic sugar bomb.

Do you think that Starbucks is launching the Crystal Ball Frappuccino? More importantly, will you go and buy one just for the Instagram picture?