Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings solve the soggy food dilemma

Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings are a huge hit, photo provided by Perdue
Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings are a huge hit, photo provided by Perdue /

While people will forever debate proper chicken wing eating techniques, flats versus drums, and the best seasonings, one aspect has everyone in agreement. Soggy coating makes for a lackluster eating experience. With the new Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings, the first bite will have everyone skipping that restaurant order and opening the freezer.

The air fryer has become a workhorse in the kitchen. From putting dinner on the table more quickly to giving home cooks more confidence, the reality is that the air fryer might get more use than the oven or the stove.

While that kitchen essential might get prime space on the countertop, the food cannot just be thrown in the basket without a thought. Beyond a “rotation” during the cook, brands are starting to understand that their products can be more conducive to that “convection” style cooking method. Perdue is taking the lead.

The new Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings are designed to be cooked in an air fryer. Available in three flavors, Roasted, Hot N’ Spicy and Lemon Pepper, they focus on the popular choices that people enjoy at their favorite wing stop. Now, they do not have to leave the couch or wait for a delivery to enjoy that flavor.

Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings Kit
Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings are a huge hit, photo provided by Perdue /

Discussing this food offering, Cody Walter, senior marketing manager at Perdue Foods, shared, “When ordering takeout, many of us have experienced the disappointing bite of not-so-crispy wings. Knowing 75% of households in the U.S. have air fryers, Perdue saw an opportunity to create the first of its kind chicken wing uniquely made for the air fryer, conveniently delivering the crispiest wings in just 16-18 minutes. To end the takeout vs. at-home wing debate, we wanted to show wing lovers the best way to wing is at home, and with an air fryer. That’s why we’re offering 100 limited-release Ultimate at Home Wing Kits for less than the price of a standard takeout order, so you can skip takeout and enjoy crispy wings at home, anytime – whether it’s for football game days, upcoming family and friend gatherings, or a mealtime favorite.”

To celebrate this new food offering, Perdue giving away Ultimate at Home Wing Kits. Available for just $10, the kit includes everything needed to have that delicious wing experience. From the air fryer to the chicken wings, the kit becomes available staring on Monday, December 11 at 12:00pm ET. There are only 100 available.

Next time that chicken wing craving hits, look to the freezer because the Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings are waiting. In less time than it takes to do a load of laundry, those delicious chicken wings will be on the table. What are you waiting for?

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