Goldfish Crisps bring a new flavorful crunch to snack time

New Goldfish Crisps come in three flavors, photo provided by Goldfish
New Goldfish Crisps come in three flavors, photo provided by Goldfish /

While Goldfish crackers are always that snack which smiles back, the new Goldfish Crisps brings a new crunchy texture to the bowl. Whether eaten one at a time or by the handful, this new food offering will swim into families’ pantries in a hurry.

Goldfish is constantly pushing flavor creativity. Over the years, it has partnered with iconic flavors like Old Bay and Frank’s RedHot. In addition, it has embraced seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and sweeter options. Even though that classic cheddar forward flavor will always be a favorite, the brand appreciates that forward thinking avoids it from ever becoming stale.

With the new Goldfish Crisps, the food brand transforms the cracker itself. It is more of potato chip like snack. Basically, the brand appears to have blended the lightness from a potato chip texture and crunch with the classic cracker.

Goldfish Crisps in cheddar sour cream and onion and salt and vinegar
New Goldfish Crisps come in three flavors, photo provided by Goldfish /

Thinking about this new texture, it changes the eating experience for snackers. Even though they might grab the snacks by the handful, it lends themselves to more options. Why can’t these crisps top a sandwich instead of being served with it. Thinking about the snack mix, it is a new crunch added to the conversation. Basically, it opens the possibilities to a myriad of ideas.

Plus, the Goldfish Crisps are bigger than the traditional crackers. This idea might appeal to an older audience. When one snack can make everyone happy, parents might be more willing to buy a second or third bag.

Looking at the three launch flavors, Cheddar, Salt and Vinegar, and Sour Cream and Onion, they are popular choices. They are cross both the chip and snack aisle. More importantly, they go with a variety of other food options. From the simple sandwich to a burger or even just enjoyed on their own, there are plenty of reasons to have a bag available.

The new Goldfish Crisps soon. The suggested retail price is $4.79.

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