OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish is more than just a snacking experience

New OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish, photo provided by Goldfish
New OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish, photo provided by Goldfish /

Who doesn’t love the snack that smiles back? While the iconic fish-shaped cracker has taken on many flavors and even amplified its size, the latest limited-edition flavor has everyone jumping into the snack bowl with both hands. OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish might be the best new flavor yet.

Some flavor combinations just make sense. Even though many people look to push food and flavor boundaries, a nod to the classics are more than a sense of nostalgia. There is something satisfying and comforting about that particular food.

Many people have grown up with Goldfish. Whether it was one of the first snacks that a child could eat on their own or putting those little fish in a bowl of soup, it seems that a bag is often found in the pantry.

Even though the classic Goldfish will always be swimming in the snack bowl, the brand looks to innovate its flavors. From collaborating with other popular brands to adding a little whimsy to snack time, these twists keep the snack brand from becoming stale.

For example, last summer, Goldish partnered with Frank’s Red Hot. Given that the flavor was the most requested combination on social media, it was a huge hit and flew off store shelves.

As Janda Lukin, Chief Marketing Officer of Campbells Snacks said, “What I find most exciting about this partnership is that once again Goldfish is showing up for our flavor enthusiasts in a big, bold way. OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish harnesses the fandom of two iconic brands and brings consumers a new way to experience their favorite zesty flavor in a fun on their beloved fish-shaped cracker, just in time for summer.”

OLD BAY has 18 herbs and spices in that iconic flavor. While it might be a staple for fish, it can and is used on a variety of foods. When describing that flavor, everyone just knows that it is OLD BAY.

With the OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish, that classic seasoning flavors the snack. A touch spicy from the pepper and the paprika, the flavor has people going back bite after bite.

Although everyone will have their favorite way to enjoy this new Goldfish flavor, there are a few ideas that might be a little outside of the snack bowl. Of course, the fish crackers would be delightful in a soup or in a snack mix. Why not used the Goldfish as a component in a crab cake or a breading for some fried fish. Why should any cracker crumbs in the bottom of the bag go to waste.

The OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish is available now at various retailers. A 6.6 oz bag has a suggested retail price of $2.79. The limited edition flavor is available while supplies last.