Goldfish Frank’s RedHot crackers will have you smiling for spicy snacking

Goldfish Frank's RedHot spicy snacks, photo provided by Goldfish
Goldfish Frank's RedHot spicy snacks, photo provided by Goldfish /

The snack that smiles back is bringing the heat with the new, limited edition Goldfish Frank’s RedHot crackers. While Goldfish has never swam away from bold flavors, this new flavor collaboration will take snack time to a whole new level. Could parents be grabbing that snack bag for their lunch?

Recently, Goldfish has been hinting at a new flavor launch. As seen on Twitter, there have been a few comments being dangled in the snack bowl. Twitter users provided many guesses. From liquid gold to nacho cheese to a request for pickle, the guesses sounded quite tasty. But, only one was correct.

The new flavor is Goldfish Frank’s RedHot. According to the brand, “35K fans requests” had been received for this hot flavor offering. It seems that this option was the perfect collaboration for two iconic brands.

What can snack fans expect from Goldfish Frank’s RedHot?

From a dash of the classic hot sauce in a recipe to smothering some chicken wings in that bold flavor, Frank’s RedHot is unique. The vinegar forward hot sauce brings that touch of acidity to the heat. Although the spice level delivers that craveable burn, the punch of vinegar brings people back for another taste.

By combining the classic Goldfish crackers with Frank’s RedHot, the snack has that punch of flavor but doesn’t overwhelm. Having recently tried the snacks, the flavor delivers. Unlike other spicy snacks, there is a touch of restraint to these crackers. Without downplaying the heat, the crackers can be eaten by the handful. It is spicy snack for people who want to enjoy flavor, not be overwhelmed by it.

For anyone who puts hot sauce on food, think about these Goldfish snacks in this way. Hot sauce is meant to enhance a recipe, not cover it up. If you only taste the hot sauce, then the rest of the dish is lost.

Goldfish found the right balance in this offering. Without losing its classic identity, the hot-sauce flavor crackers are the boost that definitely will have everyone smiling back.

The new Goldfish Frank’s RedHot crackers will be available starting in May 2021, but only while supplies last. If you want a taste, make sure to keep a keen eye on store shelves.

And, if you want to be one of the first people to dig into a bag, Goldfish will be giving away some bags on Instagram. Head to @GoldfishSmiles on Instagram to follow the instructions for a chance to win.

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The summer is heating up and so is snack time. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the Goldfish Frank’s RedHot flavor. Doesn’t this summer deserve some flavorful snack time smiles?