Don’t watch hungry: Must watch food TV shows for summer


Foodies, food fans and many others love watching food TV shows. With summer approaching, these shows are must watch TV, just not when you’re hungry.

Even though summer fun calls, food TV shows can be that downtime break that everyone needs. For this summer, food TV is looking delicious. From the adaptation of a popular foodie book to favorite culinary competition shows, this summer’s food television options are looking yummy.

Here are FoodSided’s must watch food TV shows for the summer.

Sweetbitter, debuts on Starz, May 6, photo provided by Starz

Sweetbitter, May 6, Starz

The popular novel has been transformed into the Starz series. Sweetbitter is a foodie’s television show. While the show appears to follow much of the novel, goodies will be enthralled with this show because of its attention to detail. From the perfectly plated food to the precision of the wait-staff, Sweetbitter should show the details of high-end, fine dining.

Of course, this show is part drama, too. It will be interesting to see how the show portrays the relationships from the book. While food does play a large part, the coming of age story is front and center.

Host Scott Conant (L) with Judges Marcela Valladolid and Jason Smith as Contestant Becca Craig presents her dish Almond Chocolate Citrus Petit Four with Chocolate Glaze with Citrus Tuille, during judging of the Skills Challenge, Cake, Glorious Cake, Make One Dozen Decorated Petits Fours, as seen on Best Baker in America, Season 2.

Best Baker in America, May 7, Food Network

Whether you watch because you’re a baking fanatic or you’re a fan of Jason Smith, Best Baker in America looks to have a great second season. With a long list of accomplished bakers looking to earn the title, this season could really showcase some expert baking tips. Even the novice baker could pick up a few professional baking tips.

Besides the delectable treats, many people will be tuning in just for Jason Smith. This Food Network personality has a strong fan loyalty. From his colorful wardrobe to his creative word play, he definitely makes this Food Network program.

Alton Brown on Food Network’s Iron Chef America (PRNewsfoto/Food Network)

Iron Chef America, May 16, Food Network

After another season of Iron Chef Gauntlet and the series revamp, iron Chef Showdown, the Food Network is going back the original version. Hopefully, this season of Iron Chef America will feature some creative secret ingredients.

It hasn’t been announced if there is a new Iron Chef joining the series. Iron Chef Gauntlet may or may not produce a new Iron Chef. Still, with Iron Chef Michael Symon, Iron Chef Alex Gaua and Iron Chef Stephanie Izard ready for battle, this show should offer some culinary inspiration.

MasterChef Season 9, May 30, Fox

Everyone’s favorite yelling chef, Gordon Ramsey, is back to torture new contestants. MasterChef has a loyal following. While these novice chefs take their hand at mastering the art of cooking, the show does offer some good cooking tips. It would be nice if they focuses more on the cooking versus the potential drama.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Aaron Sanchez and Christina Tosi. I wish that those two chefs had a larger role in the series. Both highly acclaimed chefs, they have produced some of the tastiest and innovative food in the nation.

Food Network Star returns with new Food Network hopefuls, photo provided by Food Network

Food Network Star, June 10, Food Network

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  • Even though last season’s winner, Jason Smith, doesn’t have his own individual show on Food Network, Food Network Star is returning with a whole new set of hopefuls. Truthfully, this show is more a vehicle for Bobby Flay, Giadia De Laurentiis and other Food Network talent than actual culinary technique or recipe creation.

    While the contestants go through the challenges, some interesting recipes and tips are shared. Still, the show is more about becoming the star versus the food itself. It will be interesting to see if a contestant can create a strong fan loyalty. Remember Guy Fieri did come from this Food Network show. Who knows, maybe this season could produce another big star.

    Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back June 13, Fox

    The infamous Gordon Ramsay is back with another restaurant intervention show. This show’s premise give the highly opinionated chef and restaurateur only 24 hours to help a failing restaurant. Personally, I don’t quite understand how any restaurant could benefit from just 24 hours of help.

    According to the show’s description, the restaurant will get menu overhaul, renovations and more in this short timeframe. While change can help a restaurant, it will be interesting to see if the restaurant sticks with the plan and succeeds. A follow-up or status update hopefully is included.

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    These food TV shows for the summers that have sparked our interest. What are you food shows are you looking forward to watching this summer?