On May the Fourth, celebrate all things Star Wars at Zoli’s Pizza and Cane Rosso


There are many ways to celebrate May 4th if you’re a Star Wars fan. Want tasty dishes with a Star Wars spin? Zoli’s Pizza and Cane Rosso have you covered!

Cane Rosso and Zoli’s Pizza are joining in the Stars Wars fun this May 4th! Both restaurants will cater to fans with special themed dishes, contests, and more galactic goodies. Cane Rosso is a Texas-based restaurant serving up authentic Neapolitan-style pizza (we’ve got all the participating below).  Zoli’s Pizza is Cane Rosso’s sister pizzeria and new on the block! But they are no strangers when it comes to Star Wars. From day one, Zoli’s has made it known they are huge Star Wars fans with their quirky, out of this world decorations.

Check out all the details below…

Cane Rosso, photo courtesy Cultivate PR

Both restaurants will welcome fans on Friday, May 4, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

At Cane Rosso, Star Wars-themed special menu items include the Roni One pizza, C-3PO pizza, and Yodaroli (Yoda-shaped ravioli).

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If you’re leaving a costume party or headed to one and want to stop by Cane Rosso, there’s no need to change! The restaurant is offering guests in costume a 25% discount. And to participate in a Best Costume Instagram contest, tag #CRMaytheFourth

At the White Rock location only, a Chewbacca will be present for a unique photo opp! Additionally, a hand-painted Stormtrooper helmet (pictured), courtesy of artist Clay Stinnett, will be given away in a raffle. Proceeds will benefit the Cane Rosso Rescue.

Zoli’s Pizza dishes include Porgy Porg Pork pizza, Thermal Detonators, and No Moon Pie ice cream sandwiches. The restaurant will also have limited edition C-3PO commemorative Noble Rey glasses of American Pale Ale.

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Which plate sounds most appetizing to you? May the Fourth be with you!

Participating locations include Cane Rosso at Deep Ellum, White Rock, Fairview The Village, Carrollton, and Frisco (The Star). As well as Zoli’s Pizza on Midway Road, Addison. #MaytheFourth event will also take place in their Houston, Austin and Fort Worth locations.