Mother’s day food memories: Food brings us together


Mother’s Day brings people together to celebrate mom and the special people in our lives. Mother’s Day food memories are part of that special occasion.

Food can be the universal language of love. On celebrations like Mother’s Day, those Mother’s Day food memories can be quite special. From a traditional, family recipe passed down through the generations to trying something new every year, everyone has a particular way to celebrate. However you celebrate, that moment in time can be held dear for a very long time.

As many people celebrate Mother’s Day today, FoodSided and some of our FanSided colleagues wanted to share some of our special Mother’s Day memories that centered around the table. While our memories are all quite different, the sentiment is the same. Food has brought us together. Even if we are from different regions or backgrounds, we can all relate through food.

Here are a few of our Mother’s Day food memories.

Food memories, photo by Cristine Struble

Sandy Cassanova, FoodSided contributor and Hidden Remote expert

We avoid going out to eat on Mother’s Day due to how packed restaurants get. Instead, we go the day before and I’ve always received Sprinkles cupcakes that I enjoy through the weekend.

Christina Lisi, FoodSided contributor

My favorite food memory for Mother’s Day is my mom’s brownies. She uses any recipe, or even a mix, but adds a cup of chocolate chips. They are the best brownies that I have ever had. (Whenever my husband requests brownies, he asks that I make them like my mom).

Laura Goodnow, FoodSided contributor

My Grandma played a big role in raising me so my memory is of a casserole that she used to make. It was a very simple layered hot dish with ground beef, potatoes, green beans, and canned mushroom soup but I found it so comforting.

Alexandria Ingham, Claire and Jaimie, Hidden Remote, SPN Hunters co-expert

Bacon and egg sandwiches with real British bacon: After moving to Canada, the home comfort that I’ve missed is real British bacon and whenever there are special occasions, we always try to get some. Bacon and egg sandwiches just always remind me of growing up. No matter how down I feel, they put a smile on my face.

Cristine Struble, expert at FoodSided and contributor to Culturess

Mother’s Day always started with mimosas, my mom’s favorite celebratory beverage. On the holiday, we would get out the good crystal and spend a leisurely morning relaxing around the house. My dad and I would make a light breakfast before we would leave for brunch at a restaurant.

My mom taught me to appreciate good food that was well prepared. While she wasn’t the most adventurous eater, she loved the finer things. From a good champagne to a perfectly grilled filet, the care and attention to detail was as important as the ingredient.

Now, as a mom myself, I enjoy sharing my love of food with my kids. Every year they cook breakfast (with a little help from dad when they were younger). The nicest surprise is that they choose a new recipe every year. The dish always includes a food that I like. And, with a nod to my mom, there is always a mimosa served in one of her champagne glasses.

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Wishing all the mothers, grandmothers, mom figures a very Happy Mother’s Day.