Beer and cheese pairings: 7 perfect craft beer pairings


Craft beer is experiencing a huge boom in popularity. Beer and cheese pairings are a great way to explore both beer and cheese flavors.

Beer and cheese pairings offer a modern twist on the traditional cheese beverage pairing. With many craft beer options available, finding the perfect pairing isn’t a difficult task. The key is to find that flavors that work well together. Just like any food and beverage pairing, the right ones can elevate both the food and beverage.

When picking a food and beverage pairing, the flavors must work well together. While the flavors don’t have to match perfectly, they do need play off each other. For example, a robust, bold blue cheese might need sweeter, full bodied beer for balance. On the other hand, a sharp cheese needs a sweeter choice to round out the bold flavor.

Recently, Boar’s Head has found some delicious pairings that provide that delightful flavor balance. Whether you enjoy a light pilsner, hoppy ale, sharp cheddar or a creamy Muenster, these combinations will have your next cheese plate tasting delicious.

Here are seven beer and cheese pairings that any craft beer fan would enjoy.

Vermont Cheddar and Pale Ale, photo provided by Boar’s Head

Vermont Cheddar and Pale Ale

Vermont Cheddar has a mild flavor. With its creamy texture, this particular cheese works well with a medium-bodied beer. One of the most food-friendly beers is an American pale ale. This type of beer often has fruity, citrus flavors. Just like how cheddar and apples go together, the cheddar and pale ale play off each other. A great option to serve with the Vermont Cheddar is the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Muenster and Belgian Pale Ale, photo provided by Boar’s Head

Muenster and Belgian Pale  Ale

Muenster cheese is considered a mellow, semi-soft cheese. Since this cheese’s flavors are subtle, the cheese needs a beer that is smooth and sweet. A Belgian Pale Ale often has some sweet, malt forward flavor. The sweetness works well with the mellow Muenster. A great beer to try is Leffe Blonde.

Beer and cheese pairings: 7 perfect pairings for a craft beer fans, photo provided by Boars Head

Asiago and Cider

Asiago is a sharp, nutty cheese. This cheese needs a tart, sweet beverage to balance the robust nutty flavor. With the popularity of cider, this pairing is a smart choice. The fruit and nut combination makes this pairing a winning combination. Angry Orchard makes a wide variety of ciders that would pair nicely with asiago.

Mozzarella and Pilsner, photo provided by Boar’s Head

Mozzarella and Pilsner

Just like the classic pizza topping, mozzarella is a creamy, luscious cheese. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella needs a crisp, bubbly beverage. Pilsners are a very common beer. They are known to be a medium-bodied beer. The original pilsner is the Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell. Good American Pilsners are a little more regional, but some good ones can be found.

Manchego and Brown Ale, photo provided by Boar’s Head

Manchego and Brown Ale

The Spanish cheese, manchego, is quite complex. While it is said to reference Spain’s La Mancha region, the crumbly cheese has a more intense flavor. The bold cheese needs a hearty beer to stand up to the cheese. American Brown Ales are popular with craft breweries. The coffee and nut flavors offer craft brewers a chance to experiment with bold flavors. A great option for this pairing would be Funky Buddha’s French Toast.

Blue Cheese and Porter, photo provided by Boar’s Head

Blue Cheese MarBlueTM and Porter

Blue cheese can be a divisive cheese. People either love it or hate it. The pungent flavor is very distinct. To stand up to that cheese, the beer needs to be equally as substantial. A porter works quite well. Although it doesn’t seem complementary, the chocolate in a porter plays off the bleu cheese. If you’re a blue cheese fan try pairing it with Founders Brewing Company’s Porter.

Swiss Cheese and Stout, photo provided by Boar’s Head

Baby Swiss and Stout

Swiss cheese isn’t just a sandwich ingredient. The mild, yet sometimes nutty cheese, is quite enjoyable on its own. The creamy cheese texture needs a big beer. A stout is that big beer; it actually means strong beer. Guinness is probably the best known stout. For an American stout, consider Rogue Ale’s Chocolate Stout.

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Beer and cheese pairings open a new way of enjoying a great craft beer and a delicious cheese. Put that wine glass away and grab a frosty cold one from the refrigerator. Who’s hungry?