Seven layer dip wedding cake: Tostitos raises a chip to the royal couple


Forget tea and crumpets. Seven layer dip wedding cake is the ultimate Royal Wedding food. Who’s ready to raise a chip to the royal couple?

Everyone has Royal Wedding fever. Tostitos wanted to raise a chip with a seven layer dip wedding cake. Why serve the traditional sweet cake in honor of the royal couple. Who’s ready to raise a chip to Harry and Meghan?

When it comes to special celebrations, chips and dip are often served. From birthday parties to holiday celebrations, food, and in particular chips and dip, are part of those celebrations. Weddings can be a huge event, but that doesn’t mean it should skip over some favorite foods.

Seven layer dip wedding cake photo provided by Tostitos

For some people, sweet treats and desserts are their top choices. Just because tradition says that a wedding cake needs to be served at a wedding doesn’t mean that the cake has to be a homage to sugar. Why can’t another favorite food be transformed into a modern version of a cake? Tostitos did just that concept.

To celebrate Harry and Meghan’s nuptials, this massive savory wedding cake is a modern take on the classic wedding cake. Perfect for the dip-lover, this special recipe features 42 dips layers over the several tiers. In today, the cake used “72 jars of Tostitos dips.”

Seven layer dip wedding cake photo provided by Tostitos

Since a wedding cake isn’t complete without a topper, this wedding cake has a bride and groom made out of queso. No cheesy romantic jokes, please. Also, all the “flowers” are guacamole. Who’s got their tortilla chips ready?

While this gigantic wedding cake version isn’t necessarily practical for the commoners, a modified recipe can be found on Tostitos’ tune in recipes section. For the summer, this recipe doesn’t necessarily have to be a wedding cake. The same idea could be a giant fountain for Fourth of July or a celebration cake for a graduation.

Seven layer dip wedding cake photo provided by Tostitos

Actually, Tostitos provides some great food inspiration with this idea. Who says that certain foods or food traditions need to be followed? Harry and Meghan are an untraditional royal couple. Why can’t there be a savory wedding cake? Sure, most people probably don’t have three days to make this particular dip. Still, if you want something fun at your wedding, go for it.

This summer, my family might just serve a fountain inspired seven layer dip for Fourth of July. In some ways it might look like a wedding cake, but with a festive red, white and blue topper, our dip might seems quite patriotic.

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Will you be raising a chip to the royal couple on Saturday? Just don’t spill any dip on your party dress.