Summer’s hottest cocktail may be colorful but it isn’t frosé


What’s this summer’s hottest cocktail? Don’t answer frosé because this summer is all about the frozen Aperol spritz.

Summer cocktails are refreshing. This summer’s hottest cocktail isn’t the pretty pink frosé. For this summer, the frozen Aperol spritz is taking over summer parties. Are you ready to try this refreshing cocktail?

An Aperol spritz is light, refreshing cocktail that features Aperol and a sparkling wine. While similar to Campari, Aperol is lighter in both color and taste. Usually considered an aperitif, the liquor has a bitter orange flavor. While notes of rhubarb and other flavors are present, the bitter orange is the predominate taste.

Frozen Aperol Spritz, photo provided by Plated

This classic cocktail is a version of a spritz. To create a spritz, the recipe is generally half wine and half seltzer or soda water. Usually, these types of spritz pair a sparkling wine, like prosecco, with a bitter liqueur, like Aperol, and top it with sparkling water. The cocktail is refreshing and light. Often served over ice in a highball glass, the cocktail was often served before a meal.

While long considered an aperitif, the Aperol Spritz pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. The slightly bitter flavors tend to awaken the palate. With heavier dishes, with lots of butter and cream, this cocktail can cut through the rich ingredients.

Since cocktail trends impact even classic cocktails, Plated has created a twist on the Aperol Spritz. Instead of whipping up another frosé, why not try this cocktail, the Frozen Aperol Spritz.

Frozen Aperol Spritz, photo provided by Plated

"Frozen Aperol Spritz from Plated.Ingredients• 3 oz. prosecco• 1 oz. Aperol• 1 oz. simple syrup (agave can also work here)• 1/4 oz lemon juice• 1/4 oz orange juice• Few handfuls ice (8-10 oz)• Slices of orange for garnishRead more on Plated."

According to Elana Karp, Plated’s Co-founder and Head Chef, she loves this frozen cocktail for summer because it is light and refreshing. Of course, the colorful cocktail is also quite festive for any summer gathering. “Whether you’re at the beach on a summer afternoon or craving a cool pre-dinner cocktail, this drink delivers. It pairs well with salty, decadent appetizers, like olives and nuts, and almost anything you’d put on a cheese and charcuterie board.”

Of course, Karp doesn’t limit the Frozen Aperol Spritz pairings to just appetizers or snacks. This summers hottest cocktail works with a wide variety of dishes. For entrees, look to pair recipes that have the same elements as the appetizer pairings. A Prosciutto Pizza with Balsamic Cherries and Arugula or Shrimp Fra Diavolo with Angel Hair Pasta and Asiago-Garlic Bread are two recipes from Plated that are perfect for any summer gathering.

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Are you ready to try summer’s hottest cocktail? Blend up a frozen Aperol Spritz this weekend and you won’t even remember why you were only drinking frosé.