Nacho dogs are summer’s hottest summer grilling recipe


Ready for a new summer grilling recipe? Nacho dogs will be the food recipe that everyone will be requesting all summer long.

Need a new summer grilling recipe? With nacho dogs, this simple, yet tasty recipe combines two favorite flavors for a perfect bite. Are you ready to give your hot dog a flavor update?

Hot dogs can be a polarizing food. Some people drag hot dogs through the garden. Other people despise the idea of ever putting ketchup on a hot dog. Of course, don’t forget the whole sandwich debate. Still, hot dogs are a favorite summer grilling recipe.

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For this twist on the classic hot dog, the switch comes with the hot dog toppings. If you aren’t a fan of hot dogs, the recipe can be modified with a spicy sausage. For example, a jalapeno cheddar sausage would work well. Although a bratwurst could work in this recipe, the flavors can get a little muddled.

Ready to make a nacho dog? Here’s the toppings that you need.

Nacho dog toppings
• Salsa (any type, at preferred heat level, hot is recommended)
• Nacho cheese sauce (shredded cheese can work too)
• Jalapenos
Doritos Blaze or classic Nacho Doritos (truthfully can be your favorite Doritos flavor)
• Fresh cilantro

To create a nacho dog, after placing a grilled hot dog in a bun (a brioche bun or sausage buns works best), add the toppings listed above. It is best to start with guacamole and salsa. Add the toppings according to your preferences. Some people like lots of jalapenos and others don’t.

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The Doritos add a big textural element to the hot dog. I prefer to break the Doritos into pieces, which makes taking a bite a little easier. The crunch in each bite makes the hot dog extremely satisfying. Just like a traditional recipe, the combination of textures and flavors is key to this recipe’s success.

The idea of nachos dogs is simple. This recipe could be modified for a variety of other flavors. Pizza dogs would be simple and easy. Truthfully many flavor combinations could work.

For the summer grilling season, the home cook could create a topping bar and let everyone create their own special hot dog. I wonder how many flavor combinations could be made. Maybe the best flavor combination could be the next featured hot dog at the weekend grilling party.

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