Doritos Blaze, new flavor focuses on popular food trend


Bring on the heat. New Doritos Blaze offers bold, complex heat that builds as you snack on the craveable crunch.

Consumers crave big, bold flavors. Long gone are the times when nacho cheese was seen as spicy. Today, consumers want more heat-forward flavor options. From sriracha to gochujang, spice is the name of the game. The new Doritos Blaze flavor should appease the spice fans.

According to Frito-Lay, “Doritos Blaze is truly a first-of-its-kind snack with a robust flavor that’s as bold as the heat in every bite.” No one likes uneven flavors on a chip. Going from a big punch or flavor to an absent flavor spot is confusing to the taste buds. Hopefully, this Doritos flavor delivers on its bold, heat flavor promise.

Doritos Blaze (PRNewsfoto/Frito-Lay North America)

This new Doritos flavor is in direct response to consumer trends. Spicy heat is no longer for just the brave. Year after year, spicy flavors and spicy heat is usually listed as a food trend. Research shows that “1 out of 4 consumers are eating spicy foods more often than they have in the past.”

Attendees at the annual Sweet and Snacks Expo can attest that heat has taken over the snack aisle. Beyond the classic chips, heat is popular in candies. Just look at the spicy Skittles that launched last year. This heat food trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Doritos Blaze represents another expansion of the Doritos brand. Last year, Doritos launched Doritos Crunch Mix and Doritos Crunch Nuts. These two snacks blended the favorite Doritos flavors of nacho cheese and cool ranch with peanuts and other snacks. The mixed textures created a delightful game day snack.

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According to Frito-Lay, Doritos Blaze is the first offering in this particular platform. While exact expansion plans haven’t been announced, the company intends to big on this offering. Although the first offering is spicy, it doesn’t mean that additional offerings will just be spicy. Other bold spices, with less heat, could be possible. Maybe a turmeric flavor could be on the horizon.

Doritos Blaze is available in stores now. The bags retail for $4.29 for large bags and $1.29 for small bags.

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