Is guacamole an avocado dip, spread or a salad?


Guacamole is very popular. The Mexican dish has expanded beyond the Mexican table. But, is it an avocado dip, spread or salad?

Made from avocado, guacamole began as a Mexican side dish. The name literally translates as avocado sauce. But, that traditional Mexican dish is enjoyed far and wide. Eaten with chips or spread on a sandwich, guacamole is enjoyed many ways. But, is guacamole an avocado dip, spread or even a salad?

To make guacamole, ripe avocados are smashed with a little coarse salt. Traditionally, a mortar and pestle are used, but a bowl and fork works well, too. In addition to the avocado, many recipes add tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, lime juice and cilantro.

While there are many traditional ingredients, the guacamole recipes are expanding. From bolder spices to more vegetables, the traditional recipe isn’t the only way to enjoy this dish. Just as the ingredients have changed, the guacamole uses changed. But, is it an avocado dip, spread or a salad.

Traditionally, most people think of guacamole as a dip. Served must often with chips, a big bowl of guacamole has become a staple at parties. From football parties to the backyard barbecue, guacamole is as common as a bowl of plain potato chips. Even when tortilla chips aren’t available, people dip vegetables into the guacamole dip. But, could guacamole also be a spread.

Due to the health benefits of avocados, many people use guacamole as a sandwich spread. Instead of calorie laden mayonnaise, guacamole has become a popular substitute. The guacamole spread adds a lot of flavor and a creamy texture. Turkey, both turkey burgers and turkey sandwiches, is often paired with guacamole. But, can it also be a salad?

Guacamole is made from avocados and other ingredients. Avocados are fruits; they are grown from a tree. Avocados are high in fiber, vitamins and good fat. While it may not have the crunch of a traditional lettuce based salad, guacamole is a good source of nutritional value. It may not replace the traditional salad, but it can be a creative substitute to salad dressing.

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Does it matter if guacamole is an avocado dip, spread or salad? No, it doesn’t. Just mix up a bowl of this delicious avocado recipe and enjoy.