Grilling safety tips keep everyone safe this summer grilling season


Light up the grill. Summer grilling season is here and it is time to know some grilling safety tips. Are you in the know?

Summer grilling season brings friends and family together for some delicious food. Grilling safety tips are extremely important to keep everyone enjoying all that delicious food. Everyone wants to remember that amazing recipe, not that unpleasant feeling from eating improperly handled food.

The Stop Foodborne Illness has some simple recommendations for the summer grilling season. These grilling safety tips are straightforward and easy to implement. From the trip to the grocery store to leftovers, these tips will keep everyone safe. With the safety covered, it is time for the master griller to work on those grilling recipes.

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Shop smart

The first step in food safety is to shop smart. When buying raw meat, make sure that those items stay away from other food in your shopping cart. Meat juices might be tasty on your plate, but raw meat juices need to stay far away from produce in your shopping cart.

Place any raw proteins in plastic bags. Also, shop for proteins last since they need to stay cold. If it is a really hot day, even bring a cooler or cold bag to keep the proteins cold on the drive home. Lastly, make sure all proteins get into the refrigerator as soon as possible when you arrive home.

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Smart preparation

For summer grilling, some people like marinades and sauces for their meats. An important factor to remember is that any marinade or sauce used with raw meat shouldn’t be used with cooked meat. If you want to use that sauce later (like a barbecue sauce), have two sauces, one for raw meat and one for cooked meat.

The most important part of grilling food is cooking the proteins to its correct internal temperature. While some professional chefs cook according to touch, a thermometer is the only want to properly test doneness.

To test internal temperature doneness, place a thermometer in the thickest part of the meat. While everyone might like their meats done at different temperatures, these guidelines are for safe internal temperatures.

"Safe Internal Temperatures:• Burgers/ground meat (except poultry) to 160°F (72°C)• Chicken and Poultry (including ground, like turkey burgers) to 165°F (74°C)• Whole cuts of meat including pork to 145°F (63°C), with a 3-minute rest time before serving• Fish and Shellfish to 145°F (63°C)"

Also, use clean plates and utensils that have touched raw food. Never use a plate or utensil that has touched raw food with cooked food. It might create more dishes, but you wouldn’t want to have a problem.

Leftovers safety

If there are any leftovers, don’t let those delectable bites go to waste. Any leftovers need to be refrigerator within one to two hours of eating. The hotter the temperature outside, the sooner that those leftovers needs to get in the refrigerator.

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These grilling safety tips are fairly simple and easy. Are you ready to enjoy summer grilling season? Check back all summer long for some delicious grilling recipes.