Boost overall health with Rocco DiSpirito’s high protein, gluten free pancakes


Craving pancakes but want a healthier alternative? Rocco DiSpirito’s high protein, gluten free pancakes are the perfect bite.

Growing up pancakes were one of my favorite breakfasts. Today, the traditional pancake recipe doesn’t necessarily follow my preferred healthy eating lifestyle. Fortunately, Rocco DiSpirito’s high protein, gluten free pancakes allow me to indulge my pancake craving while still eating smart.

Many people have a childhood food that they love. For me, pancakes are one of those foods. It was a Sunday morning ritual in my house. Whether the pancake was plain, blueberry or smothering in syrup, the pancake breakfast ritual was a favorite family food memory.

Boost overall health with Rocco DiSpirito’s high protein, gluten free pancakes, photo provided by Rocco DiSpirito

Now, as a mom myself, the traditional, shake and go style pancake mix doesn’t necessarily work in my food plan. Also, with kids who are athletes, we are always looking for ways to boost the nutritional content in our family food choices. Luckily, more chefs are helping to create recipes that taste great, yet are nutritionally dense.

During my recent interview with celebrated Chef Rocco DiSpirito, we chatted about real food choices. He is working with Cigna on educating people on how food choices impact health. Eating better or even eating clean doesn’t mean that you have to give up those favorite food memories. Instead, those food memories just need to be transformed into a healthier version.

Boost overall health with Rocco DiSpirito’s high protein, gluten free pancakes, photo provided by Rocco DiSpirito

In Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious, Chef Rocco has created a delicious pancake recipe that satisfies my pancake craving, yet is nutritionally dense. During a recent interview with Chef Rocco, he said

"My high-protein, gluten-free pancakes. I’ve replaced the fat with applesauce, a healthy sub for fat in baked goods that also imparts a hint of sweetness with no added sugar. I also cut carbs by replacing flour with my brand of Rocco’s Organic Protein Powder Plus. Drizzle my blueberry syrup recipe on top which has a fraction of the calories of maple syrup and packs the antioxidant power of blueberries. Start your day with these favorites and enjoy a turbo charge to your metabolism and overall health."

The idea behind this recipe is really simple. The substitutions aren’t hard to make and the overall flavor remains similar to the old-school recipe. Truthfully, my family didn’t miss the maple syrup. The blueberry syrup, sweetened with Monk Fruit, was more flavorful than maple syrup. Flavor is always the priority in my house.

Overall, incorporating simple, relatively easy, switches into our diet works. I’m not asking my kids to give up everything that they love. Still, a few modifications can make a difference in overall health.

Since some foods can cause inflammation, this recipe, that removes the gluten, dairy and sugar, can help to avoid inflammation. As a mom of two athletes, anything that can minimize inflammation is helpful in our household. Again, simple changes can make a difference in our family’s overall health.

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I am happy with my choice to modify one of my favorite food memories with a nutritionally dense version. My craving is curbed yet I don’t feel guilty about eating a food that I love. Maybe, I’ve even created a new food memory with my family. After all, aren’t those food memories nourishment for your body, just like eating real food.