Jurassic Doritos unleashed to curb dinosaur-sized appetites


Do you have a dinosauric appetite? Jurassic Doritos are here in gigantic proportions. Is this an experiment gone awry or something you’ve craving?

It’s ready to hatch. Jurassic Doritos are coming but is your appetite ready? Have you ever imagined a gigantic Doritos chip that could feed a family, or at least one very hungry dinosaur? Doritos has created the most epic, dinosaur-sized chip just in time for the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Are you brave enough to unleash the chip?

These massive chips were the brain child of Dr. Henry Wu, the visionary behind the Indominous Rex. Since the movie character is known for his world-altering hybrids, the doctor decided to merge Doritos with dinosaur DNA to create these massive sized chips. Don’t worry, no chips or dinosaurs were harmed in this experiment.

Jurassic Doritos unleashed to curb dinosaur-sized appetites, photo by Cristine Struble

FoodSided was very fortunate to have the opportunity to try this special, dinosaur-sized chip. Secure in its special case, a chip was carefully protected by a special dinosaur egg. After carefully removing the egg, I was able to hatch the special chip. I will say, the chip is quite impressive. Basically, this gigantic chip is about 18 times the size of a regular Doritos chip.

Lucky for me, the massive chip is the iconic Nacho cheese flavor. Nacho cheese goes with just about anything. From casual snacking to recipe integration, this classic flavor is always a great choice. Plus, who’s not to say that dinosaurs enjoy a little spice now and again. I don’t think that dinosaurs want to think about cool or icy flavors, right?

Jurassic Doritos unleashed to curb dinosaur-sized appetites, photo by Cristine Struble

Now, once we opened the dinosaur sized chip, we have to think about something to eat with it. Since I like to be a little creative, my family choose to break up the massive chip into some pieces for a dinosaur themed recipe. We decided to make Dinosaur Stomping Tacos. Basically, it is a recipe mash-up of walking taco. In our version, we broke up the gigantic chip into pieces, added some taco meat, salsa and cheese. It was a very satisfying lunch for my hungry family.

Jurassic Doritos unleashed to curb dinosaur-sized appetites, photo by Cristine Struble

Since these special Jurassic Doritos shouldn’t be sent to extinction, Doritos is offering fans the chance to adopt one of these limited edition, extremely rare chips. Fans can tweet @Doritos with #JurassicDoritos #entry for a chance to win. Also, fans can win one in an auction benefiting the American Red Cross and its efforts to help people affected by the volcanic events in Hawaii.

Even if you don’t get one of these rare chips, everyone can get in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom fun. There are seven flavors of specially marked Doritos with the movie-themed packaging. The special bags are available at Amazon or Walmart. Additional games and programming is available at doritos.com.

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Thanks Doritos for sending the Jurassic Doritos our way. While world-altering hybrids might be a little controversial, we are quite happy with this gigantic chip. Hopefully, the massive chip won’t turn my kids’ appetites into gigantic proportions.