Best Baker in America Season 2 winner impressed with a chocolate showpiece


Who won the title Best Baker in America Season 2 winner? The impressive chocolate showpiece was a masterful display of baking expertise.

The Food Network’s Best Baker in America Season 2 winner has been crowned. While three impressive bakers vied for the coveted title, only one baker masterfully created an impressive chocolate showpiece. In the end, the sweet victory was awarded to the baker that some people predicted.

Throughout Best Baker in America Season 2, a few bakers proved themselves in the competition. The final three, Jean-Francois, LaSheeda and Adam had all won Skills and Master Challenges. Still, the Best Baker in America finale wasn’t judged on previous successes. Only the final two chocolate challenges would bring the title to one impressive baker.

For the Best Baker in America finale, the Skills Challenge had the final three bakers creating six mini sachertortes. The sachertorte is a classic chocolate dessert. Covered in a luscious, chocolate glaze, this chocolate dessert requires definite baking skill.

One of the keys to a delicious sachertorte is a moist cake. If the chocolate cake is over mixed, the cake will become dry. Unfortunately, two unexpected bakers struggled in the Skills Challenge.

Guest Judge Yolanda Gamp with Judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid and Scott Conant during judging of the Master Challenge, Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Crescendo as seen on Best Baker in America, Season 2.

While everyone assumed that Jean-Francois would have an advantage with a sachertorte challenge, his cake was both over and under-cooked. The middle of his cake wasn’t cooked and the edges were over baked. Although he was able to salvage some cake and present a dessert, the sachertorte was flawed. Even though the decoration was pretty, it could not make up for the technical issues.

LaSheeda had technical issues as well. Her cake was dry and her apricot jam didn’t set up enough. While her cake was ok, it wouldn’t earn her a Skills Challenge win.

Adam had the least amount of technical issues. While his sachertorte was immaculate, it was the best of the three desserts. He had lovely chocolate decorations and his cake was moist. Adam won the skills challenge.

For the Master Challenge, the bakers had to create an ultimate chocolate showpiece. The chocolate cake had to incorporate caramel and they had to create three chocolate bonbons. With six hours to create the ultimate chocolate dessert, the final three bakers had a tall task to accomplish.

This final challenge could propel one baker to the title of Best Baker in America. To earn this title, the bakers must create a visually stunning chocolate showpiece. This cake must be the ultimate chocolate cake with impressive chocolate décor. Basically, the chocolate lover should drool when seeing this cake.

The choice of a chocolate and caramel pairing a classic flavor combination. The richness of caramel provides a nice balance to the decadence of the chocolate. The judges should be able to taste all the layers of flavor.

Lastly, the chocolate bonbons are just as important as the chocolate cake. The bonbons should have a flavorful center, but that center should not overpower the chocolate shell. Again, flavor balance is key.

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The three bakers had different approaches to the final challenge. Jean-Francois, the master, had numerous elements but his cake was slightly restrained. Instead of putting every trick on the cake, he carefully picked elements to create his vision. While the cake was more of a classic interpretation, the visual was quite impressive.

Adam’s visual presentation was over the top. His gravity defining cake had so many elements that your eye didn’t quite know where to focus. While quite impressive, the extra elements did draw some criticism from the judges. Would it have been better for Adam to edit the cake a little more?

LaSheeda had a more subtle cake presentation. While she did have some issues with her decoration, LaSheeda did present a very pretty cake. Since her strength is in flavor, the visual presentation was strong for her.

Jean-Francois was clearly determined to win the title of Best Baker in America. The cake was textbook perfect. From the caramel layer to the decorations, the judges didn’t find fault anywhere.

As the flavor expert, LaSheeda’s cake had the perfect crumb. The chocolate cake was superb and the judges gushed over her flavor profiles. Although her decoration may not be as impressive as the other bakers’ cakes, her flavors were on point.

Adam’s praline layer was smart. An additional texture in the decadent chocolate cake adds a depth to the cake. While the judges disagreed on the flavor balances, it was an expertly made chocolate cake.

As for the bonbons, the three bakers had very different approaches to the flavors. LaSheeda’s margarita bonbon sounded delicious. Also, Adam’s goat’s milk caramel bonbon would be equally flavorful. Any of Jean-Francois’ bonbons would make me happy. Luckily all the bakers didn’t think of the bonbons as a throw away portion of the challenge.

Winning Contestant Adam Young poses after the winner announcement during judging of the Master Challenge, Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Crescendo as seen on Best Baker in America, Season 2.

Determining the title came down to the cumulative efforts from both challenges. By winning the Skills Challenge and impressing in the Master Challenge, the Best Baker in America Season 2 winner was Adam.

While Adam receives a big cash award and probably a huge boost to his bakery business, Sift Bake Shop  in Mystic, Connecticut, it would be nice to see Adam on another Food Network show. He does a great job explaining the technical aspects of baking. His demeanor is informative, yet not preachy.

Although this season of Best Baker in America has come to a close, I sincerely hope that Food Network brings it back for another season. While it might not have the flashiness of the seasonal baking championships, it does an amazing job of both educating and entertaining viewers. Prior to this season, I wasn’t familiar with a Mont Blanc nor did I understand the subtleties of marjolaine.

Of course, one reason that many people watch is for the judges’ commentary. The pairing of Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid is enjoyable to watch. Granted, I might not fully understand the Smith’s idioms, he does make me laugh.

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Another season of Best Baker in America has come to a close. Did you agree with the judges’ choice as a winner? More importantly, which chocolate cake would you have wanted to eat?