Easy way to hydrate and energize for long, hot summer days


Hot summer days can be draining. Finding easy ways to hydrate and energize aren’t difficult if you know where to look.

No one wants to cut the fun short on hot summer days. Do you know how to hydrate and energize for all those epic adventures? Of course, water is always a great option, but sometimes just plain water doesn’t cut it. Still, many people want better ingredients, like organic ingredients, in their beverages. Luckily there is a delicious option available.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Hiball energy drinks. The company is built on the concept that a clean, healthy energy drink that tastes good can be a reality. Unlike other energy drinks, this beverage is certified organic. The beverage uses organic juices, organic caffeine and organic sugar. Also, the product uses fair trade certified ingredients.

Hot summer days hydration, Hiball energy drinks, photo by Cristine Struble

The brand’s attention to quality ingredients comes through with its taste. The flavors are clean. Personally, I do not like that indescribable aftertaste that can happen with some energy drinks. It seems to coat your tongue after drinking it. With this beverage, the mouth feel is clean and refreshing.

My mornings, and sometimes afternoons, need a boost of caffeine in my day. During the warmer months, a hot cup of coffee isn’t refreshing. Recently, I have taken to starting my day with the Hiball energy drinks over ice. With these beverages, I get my caffeine boost in a refreshing, light way.

Hot summer days hydration, Hiball energy drinks, photo by Cristine Struble

As a morning pick-me up, I really enjoy the fruit flavors. Right now, my personal favorite flavor is the pomegranate acai. The flavor is slightly sweet and slightly tart. The beverage has just the right amount of pucker. My second favorite flavor is the blood orange. This drink has definitely replaced my morning OJ.

While I enjoy the Hiball energy drinks in the morning, these beverages aren’t just for the morning. Recently, I have been trying to experiment with them. Since summer and parties go hand and hand (at least in my house), I have found that these beverages work well in summer cocktails.

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  • For example, I love a good summer cocktail. During a recent weekend gathering, I used the grapefruit Hiball energy drink as the mixer to the event’s signature cocktail. Combining the grapefruit drink with a little mezcal, a dash of bitters and a grapefruit peel, I was able to make a lovely aperitif for a summer barbecue.

    Also, Hiball makes energy waters that hydrate and energize without sugar or calories. Of course, everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated during activities or warm days. Still, getting people to drink plain, boring water can be a chore. These Hiball sparkling energy waters offer clean flavors and a boost of caffeine and vitamins to keep energy levels at peak performance.

    In the can, these sparkling energy waters are convenient for busy lifestyles. From a long bike ride to the day at the beach, these waters can go everywhere. Plus, the carbonation makes the beverage a little more fun. Who doesn’t need some bubbles in her life?

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    The Hiball energy drinks and Hiball sparkling energy waters can be purchased on Amazon, Whole Foods and other retailers.

    Are you ready to taste the difference? Hydrate and energize with Hiball beverages and those hot summer days will be even more enjoyable.