Dark chocolate candy trend, ready to taste the dark side


Dark chocolate is the candy trend that makes people re-think their chocolate treats. Are you ready to taste the dark side?

Time to taste the difference. Dark chocolate is transforming popular candy brands. This candy trend will be coming to store shelves soon. Will the dark side tempt you with its flavor?

At this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo, dark chocolate was definitely a candy trend. While sour candies still have a large spot on the candy shelf, the bittersweet chocolate is finding its way to candy fans. Some people may think that people’s tastes are changing, but it could be more than that. Is this chocolate more satisfying than the milk chocolate counterpart?

Dark chocolate candy trend photo by Cristine Struble

Milk chocolate is generally used in many popular candies. This version blends cocoa with milk power. The consistency is usually quite smooth, but it has less cocoa. This sweeter version is usually more popular because it has less bitter notes. Also, it blends with other flavors quite well.

Plain chocolate, or dark, has a high concentration of cocoa. Using cocoa butter, the flavor is quite pronounced and full. While there may be more health benefits to eating this type of chocolate, some people enjoy this flavor because they find it more satisfying.

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When it comes to candy trends, companies are always looking for a way to expand popular candies. Although some changes are met with uncertainty, adding a darker chocolate to candy bars is a smart choice. The change expands the product line in such a way that existing fans aren’t offended and new customers are likely to embrace the product.

At this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo, three iconic candies saw a dark chocolate upgrade. Butterfinger Dark, Nestle Crunch Dark and Milky Way Fudge were all on display. These candies work well with the dark version because the bittersweet flavors are subtle.

Specifically with the Butterfinger Dark, the combination of the more flavorful chocolate with the peanut butter center is a delightful, satisfying bite. While enjoyable on its own, the darker version opens up many possibilities with baking or other desserts. For example, adding pieces of Butterfinger Dark to cookies or blondies would be a delicious option.

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Could other brandy brands embrace this change? A candy bar with a darker chocolate and caramel would be delicious. While milk chocolate shouldn’t be replaced completely, the dark chocoalte option is a good one.

Would you be willing to make the dark chocolate switch? Share your thoughts with FoodSided.