Is there a new MasterChef episode on July 4th?


It might be a holiday but is there a new MasterChef episode on tonight? Does Gordon Ramsay have some kitchen fireworks for everyone?

Will you be watching fireworks or a new MasterChef episode tonight? On July 4th, MasterChef doesn’t have a new episode. This week features a replay of last week’s episode. If you missed that episode, check out the FoodSided recap.

Looking at the MasterChef Season 9, there doesn’t necessarily seem to be a front runner amongst these home chefs. While many of the home chefs are doing well, everyone seems to be staying with in their comfort zones. Can someone surge ahead or put a target on his back?

MASTERCHEF: Contestants in the ÒWorld Cup DishesÓ episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, June 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2018 FOX Broadcasting.

While the ultimate prize is for one of the home chefs to earn the title MasterChef, the judges are competing against themselves this season. Although each judge started with the same number of chefs on their team, Aaron has the most chefs remaining. Did he make the wisest choices or is he just lucky?

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Truthfully, as the season started, I would have guessed that Gordon Ramsay would have had an advantage with his team. After so many seasons on MasterChef, he should be able to spot the most talented chefs.

Still, this competition may not be about the best cook, which sometimes is different than the best chef. One aspect that is somewhat surprising about this season is the judges’ mentoring. Each episode hasn’t shown the judges mentoring the home chefs. Sure, they ask questions while the home cooks are cooking, but that aspect isn’t mentoring. Maybe the mentoring will come in later rounds.

Also, these home cooks don’t seem as prepared as they should be for this competition. One chef admitted that he didn’t fully prepare by making different recipes. Why would someone just try to wing it in this competition? It was as if he didn’t want to win the title or the monetary prize. To me, that choice was just silly.

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A new MasterChef episode will be back to its regular time next week, 8 P.M. EST on Fox. Be sure to check back for FoodSided’s weekly recaps.