MasterChef wines: Perfect pairings for your signature dish


MasterChef wines are here and fans are ready to pour a glass. Which wine pairing will be your perfect match?

Fans of MasterChef get your glass ready. MasterChef wines are the perfect bottle of wine to serve at your next watching party or as the wine paring to your signature dish. Which varietal will be your perfect pairing?

Lot18 has partnered with the MasterChef culinary team to create three wines that embody the popular FOX culinary competition. From the label to the varietal, these wines are perfect for the show’s biggest fans. Now, everyone can bring MasterChef into their home kitchen.
MasterChef wines: Perfect pairing for your signature dish, photo provided by Lot18
These three special wines are available on a limited basis. Each wine was chosen because it a lovely wine both for wine pairings as well as enjoyed on its own. From foodies to just food fans, these wines are great for watching parties or your own MasterChef competition.

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The three MasterChef wines from Lot18 are 2017 MasterChef California Pinot Grigio, 2017 MasterChef Monterey County Syrah Rosé and 2016 MasterChef Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. The choices offer a wine that can fit almost any wine personality and many food pairings.

Since Rosé all day is here to stay, the 2017 MasterChef Monterey County Syrah Rosé is a fruit forward wine. With flavors of watermelon and strawberry, this wine is lovely to sip on a summer afternoon. While the bright pink color draws the eye, the wine’s versatility makes food pairings intriguing. Some food pairings could be a spicy fish taco or a lovely charcuterie board.

For white wine fans, the 2017 MasterChef California Pinot Grigio is citrus forward. The brightness of the wine pairs well with Italian dishes. From a garlicy pasta with shrimp to a heartier chicken piccata, this wine offers a balance to those dishes. More importantly, this wine is great to cook with. Pour a glass and sip a glass, this wine is a must for your next home culinary competition.

Lastly, for the red wine fans, the 2016 MasterChef Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust, bold wine. With flavors of black cherry, currants and coffee beans, this wine is best enjoyed with big, bold dishes. A big juicy steak or a slow braised short ribs would be a wonderful pairing for this full-bodied wine.

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Are you ready to accept the next MasterChef challenge or ready to watch the next episode? Open a bottle of Lot18’s MasterChef wines. Don’t worry Gordon Ramsay won’t yell at you.