Peet’s Coffee wants people to put themselves on the holiday wish list

Peet’s Coffee holiday offerings, photo provided by Peet's Coffee
Peet’s Coffee holiday offerings, photo provided by Peet's Coffee /

From the college student cramming for finals to the dad running in between sports games, everyone seems to feel rushed, busy, or even overwhelmed. Even though the to-do list is long, one item might be missing. Peet’s Coffee wants everyone to put themselves on the list and the coffee brand is making it easier for all.

Sometimes that peppermint mocha or gingerbread flavor beverage just brings a little extra sparkle to the day. Santa might have a twinkle in his eye, but everyone else might need more than a magical sleigh to get through the holiday traffic. That willingness to take a break is a good thing.

Looking at the brand’s holiday menu, the food and beverage offerings invite people to take that break. Whether it is a simple holiday spice latte or that always bright peppermint mocha, that willingness to put yourself on the list has value.

To celebrate that notion, Peet’s Coffee wants everyone to give themselves a little grace this season. December 6 through 8, 100 TikTokers will get a “Selfish Gift” of some good, really good coffee. The gift is two bags of Peet’s Holiday Blend. Even if one bag is meant to give away, no one would blame anyone for keeping both bags of coffee. More information will be shared on the brand’s social media account and look for #PeetsSelfishGift.

While this concept might be labeled a “selfish gift,” it is really a gift of self care. No one should have to suffer with bad coffee. It is totally permissible to bring your own coffee to your mom’s house. Life is too short to drink inferior coffee.

This holiday season there are plenty of gifts to give and to receive. Just make sure that no one, including yourself, is left off that list.