Bee refreshed this summer with a honey infused cocktail


A honey infused cocktail can be the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day. This summer cocktail is the delightful porch sipper to feel a cool breeze.

Need a new refreshing cocktail? A honey infused cocktail can be the sweet, yet invigorating cocktail that is charming on a hot summer day. The natural sweetness of a locally harvested honey offers a totally different flavor profile to any beverage, but especially a cocktail. Once you taste the difference, you won’t want to have anything else.

Honey can come in many forms. While some people only think of that little bear on the grocery store shelves, this version of honey doesn’t necessarily highlight all the nuanced flavor that it can offer. Made by bees, honey brings the flavors of the pollen that the bees collect. Depending on the region, honey can taste very different.

Also, honey can be raw or pasteurized. Raw honey hasn’t been heated (or pasteurized). The concentrated flower nectar is more pronounced. Also, some people believe that raw honey is better for a person’s digestion. Personally, I think that raw honey is just more flavorful.

Using honey in beverages or cocktails can be quite delightful. When a well-made honey has robust flavors, the beverage becomes even more flavorful. The layers create a depth which can’t be created with a mass produced drink mix.

While everyone has a favorite honey, I discovered a lovely artisan company that makes delicious honey and an amazing whiskey. Catskills Provision highlights the natural resources of Upstate New York. Founded by Claire M Marin, a former publisher, this company is dedicated to the craft of making artisan honey and honey products. More importantly, her business helps to save the bees, which are integral to a hearty, healthy eco-system.

I was drawn to Catskills Provisions for two reasons. First, the raw wildflower honey brings all the flavors of the reason. Seasonally harvested, the raw wildflower honey has flavors of region. From Spring’s cherry blossoms to Fall’s chestnuts, this honey can work in savory dishes, sweet desserts and amazing cocktails.

Honey infused cocktail perfect summer cocktail, photo provided by Catskills Provisions

As a cocktail fan, I really appreciate the honey being used in Catskill Provisions New York Honey Whiskey. Considered a spicy rye, the warmth of the rye is paired with the sweetness of the honey. With burnt orange and golden raisin flavors, the spirit balances a sweetness with a robust earthiness. While enjoyable on its own, it is quite delightful in a summer cocktail.

Catskills Provisions graciously provided this cocktail recipe using its rye whiskey. The combination of the rye, tart lemonade and slight warmth from the ginger makes this cocktail the perfect refresher on a hot summer day.

Here’s how to make Whiskey Ginger Lemonade by Catskills Provision.

"Whiskey Ginger Lemonade:Ginger Lemonade:3 ounces fresh ginger, unpeeledFresh sprigs of Thyme3 cups water1/3 cup raw honey1 cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed1. Cut the ginger into thin slices (no need to peel). In a small saucepan, bring the water, honey,2 sprigs of thyme, and ginger to a boil.2. Remove from heat and cover. Steep for 30 minutes to 1 hour.3. Strain the ginger and thyme pieces from the sugar syrup and mix the ginger-infused syrup with the fresh lemon juice in a pitcher. Chill.Cocktail Recipe:2 oz Catskill Provisions NY Honey Rye Whiskey6 oz Ginger LemonadeFill a tall glass with ice. Pour in the whiskey first and then fill with the fresh lemonade. Throw in a few slices of lemon and give it a good stir, garnish with a sprig of thyme and serve."

This cocktail is so refreshing because it highlights savory ingredients. The sprig of thyme offers the herbaceous note without overpowering the subtlety of the cocktail. Whether served as an aperitif or enjoyed with a summer barbecue, this beverage is a must try.

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Are you ready to sip on a bee refreshing summer cocktail? This honey infused cocktail is a must have for your next summer gathering. Cheers!