5 Food TV shows to watch on Netflix


What’s better than your favorite drama on TV? Food TV! And the streaming giant Netflix is home to some of the best!

Warning: It may be best to avoid watching the below shows while hungry as excessive drooling and tummy growls may occur. Though, that may happen anyway!

Here are five food TV shows not to miss on Netflix:

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

Philip Rosenthal may be best known as the creator, writer, and executive producer of the popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, but Phil is a foodie at heart. Back in 2015, PBS released a six-episode TV series I’ll Have What Phil’s Having. The episodes follow Phil as he explores different plates and food culture. From huevos rancheros to BBQ eel, Phil is down to try it all, and we’re here for it! I’ll Have What Phil’s Having was canceled after one season, but if you love it, there’s more where that came from! The series is now on Netflix, as well as a reboot of the show, now titled Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. 


Best-selling author Michael Pollan (In Defense of Food) and Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) team up to bring foodies the Netflix Original docu-series Cooked. The show consists of four episodes, all examining a physical element used for cooking — fire, water, air, and earth. This isn’t your typical food show!

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Chef’s Table

If Cooked blew your mind away, settle back down with Chef’s Table. The series features six of the world’s most reowned chef’s across the globe, including Tim Raue from Restaurant Tim Raue in Germany, Virgilio Martinez from Central in Lima Peru, and Nancy Silverton from Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles, California. Chef’s Table does just as the title promises, audiences journey right to their tables to learn about their lives, how they run their kitchen, and witness their culinary talents.

More from Food TV

And if you’re more into sweets, check out Chef’s Table: Pastry. There’s also Chef’s Table: France on Netflix available.

Ainsley Eats the Streets

Ainsley Harriot is a chef inspired by food, who isn’t, right? But Ainsley knows a thing or two more than we do. Okay, many more things. In his series Ainsley Eats the Streets, the celebrity chef travels around the world, tasting local street foods (which are often the best) and exploring the relationship between food and cultures.

Nailed It!

Netflix’s Nailed It! is amazing for many reasons. If you don’t want to dive deep into food and cultures like some of the shows above, or if you don’t have too much time, check out Nailed It! This series consists of six 30-minute long episodes that feature amateur bakers going up against professional cooks! Could YOU recreate the food magic a pro is used to with little to no experience?

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Are you already a fan of some of the food TV shows we suggested above? Which one are you most excited to check out?