Wisconsin State Fair Sporkies: Epic foods if you are hungry enough


Wisconsin State Fair has some of the most epic foods. The annual Sporkies awards recognize the biggest, best and unusual foods of the fair.

Wisconsin State Fair is known for some mouthwatering foods. While the iconic cream puff is always a must eat, the new foods tempt fair goers every year. This year’s offerings are even more creative and appealing than previous years. How big is your appetite?

Each year, the Sporkies celebrate some of the most elaborate, flavorful and possibly mind-blowing fair treats. All the fair food is narrowed down to eight finalists. From these finalists, the top three dishes will receive the coveted Sporkies award, the Golden Spork.

Looking at the eight finalists, three dishes really peaked my interest. Those three dishes are the pig candy cannoli, the porkSTACKular and the Deep-Fried Turducken on a stick. While I don’t know if I could handle all three dishes in a single sitting, I am definitely tempted to try these three dishes.

Pork STACKular, photo provided by Wisconsin State Fair

If I were to rank the three dishes in order of must eat, my top choice would be the porkSTACKular. This mammoth sandwich might need a fork and knife to tackle the dish. A pork bell extravaganza, this sandwich will satisfy the bacon fans. More importantly, the sandwich balances acid with the fried pickles and a sweetness with the honey and naan bread. Can we get two?

Pig Candy Cannoli, photo provided by Wisconsin State Fair

The second dish on my must try list is the pig candy cannoli. Is there anything better than candied bacon? This dish uses the bacon to create a cannoli shell. That shell is then filled with a candy bacon cheese cake filling. The combination of sweet, salty and savory is a flavor that must be relished.

Deep Fried Turducken, photo provided by Wisconsin State Fair

Lastly, the Deep-Fried Turducken is a frankenfood gone right. First, food on stick is classic fair food. This dish takes the classic turkducken (turkey, duck, chicken) and puts it on a stick. Add some beer gravy and cranberry sauce and you’ve got Thanksgiving in a bite.

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While these three dishes are my personal favorites, the eight finalists for the Wisconsin State Fair Sporkies can be found on the fair website. All these options, as well as the numerous other State Fair foods, are a culinary delight.

What are your favorite state fair foods? Which dish do you think will be this year’s favorite Sporkie?