Chef Robert Irvine returns to Worst Cooks in America for the ultimate rematch


Chef Robert Irvine is ready to whip the Worst Cooks in America into cooking shape. Will Chef Anne Burrell or Irvine succeed in this culinary boot camp?

Can Chef Robert Irvine whip these newest culinary recruits into real cooks? The Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America returns for another season. In this season, veteran Chef Anne Burrell prepares for a rematch against Chef Irvine. Which professional chef can find the culinary talent hidden underneath all these disastrous recipes?

The Food Network show, Worst Cooks in America, appeals to so many people because it makes the home cook feel better about her cooking. While the professional chefs make delicious, elaborate meals look effortless, cooking isn’t that simple. Who hasn’t passed of burnt as charred?

Mentors Robert Irvine and Anne Burrell pose together, as seen on Worst Cooks in America, Season 14. photo provided by Food Network

While this show often makes the cooking disasters entertaining, the truth is that this show does offer very valuable cooking advice. Simple strategies like proper cutting, understanding measurements and smart seasoning are easy to learn. More importantly, these lessons can make a horrible cook into a decent cook with little effort.

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In this season, the rematch between Chef Irvine and Chef Burrell should be a great battle. Both celebrity chefs are quite competitive. Neither one will want to lose. While the competition is fun, the recipes could be even more entertaining.

This season opens with each recruit making his/her signature dish. It will be interesting to see if these dishes are edible. Sometimes new cooks think that a dish is yummy when it is a kitchen nightmare.

The biggest part of this Food Network program is seeing how far the “worst cooks” transform over a season. By the end of this cooking competition, the competitors can really make a delicious meal. It is refreshing to see that anyone can learn how to cook, with the right tools and guidance.

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Worst Cooks in America with Chef Robert Irvine and Chef Anne Burrell debuts its new season on Sunday, August 12 at 9 p.m. ET on Food Network.