New Girl Scout Cookie is coming: How many boxes will you buy?


A new Girl Scout Cookie is coming for 2019. The newest flavor will have cookie fans racing to purchase several boxes before it is gone.

Cookie fans have a new craving. A new Girl Scout Cookie has been announced for 2019. The newest flavor joining the old-school favorites is Caramel Chocolate Chip. Even more exciting news, this particular cookie is gluten free. Now, there is no excuse for not buying at least one box from your favorite Girl Scout.

The new flavor, Caramel Chocolate Chip is one of two gluten free cookies available. This new cookie joins the gluten-free Toffee-tastic, which launched in 2015. While these new gluten free options are good news, these cookies do have limited availability. It would be nice to see these cookies available in all areas.

Girl Scouts announced that a new cookie, Caramel Chocolate Chip, will join the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie® season lineup with the returning Toffee-tastic® cookie, as a gluten-free offering with limited availability in select areas. . (PRNewsfoto/Girl Scouts of the USA)

According to the Girl Scouts, the new Caramel Chocolate Chip features “rich caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt in a chewy cookie.” A chewy cookie is a great choice for this type of flavor. A softer texture works well to offer all the flavors in a single bite. Also, the addition of the sea salt adds to the richness of this cookie.

Personally, I think that this flavor shows that the Girl Scouts are trying to stay current with their cookie flavors. Caramel is everywhere, especially salted caramel. With this cookie, it seems that the flavor is targeting an older or more food savvy consumer.

While the addition of a new cookie is exciting, the perennial favorite cookies will always have their loyal fans. Thin Mints and Samoas always seem like top choices every year. Who hasn’t bought an extra box (or three) of Thin Mints to stash in the freezer? There is nothing better than breaking out a frozen box of Thin Mints in the middle of summer. Don’t judge me until you’ve added those cookies to vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day.

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The Girl Scouts and the new Girl Scout Cookie will start selling soon. Just remember to purchase your cookies from a Girl Scout (not Amazon). While the cookies are delicious, the annual event is about teaching the girls business and interpersonal skills. Who’s ready to buy a box of cookies?