Call Tony Romo at the Corona Hotline, where’s your game day beach?


Need some sage football advice? Tony Romo has taken over the Corona Hotline for this year’s football season. Are you ready for game day?

The Corona Hotline is back for this football season but with a new operator. Tony Romo has taken over the phones and is ready to answer your football questions. Is your game day beach ready for football season?

Throughout football season, there are many burning questions. How much is too much guacamole? What to do when your fantasy team is having a dismal day? Or, was that really a catch? All these tough questions have answers at the Corona Hotline, with operator Tony Romo.

While the commercials are quite entertaining, the hotline is real. The Corona Extra number is (1-844-9-Corona) and anyone of legal drinking age can call the number. Callers can list to Romo reflections or Romo predictions. Since I had some free time, I listened to both.

Tony Romo at the Corona Hotline, photo provided by Corona

My Romo reflection said that luck can be found anywhere, like your jersey or your beard, but wash your luck every now and then. This sage advice is quite useful during football season. Everyone has that friend who won’t wash those nasty socks while his favorite team is on a winning streak. There isn’t enough Febreeze in the world that can keep that odor from infecting the media room. Thanks Romo for the sage advice.

As for the Romo predictions, this idea is similar to a phone Magic 8 ball. Callers ask Romo and his magic football a yes or no question. Then, Romo answers. It could be a fun distraction when your team is having a bad day.

Throughout the football season, Corona will air spots featuring Tony Romo and the Corona Hotline. All the commercials feature common issues that football fans know well. From the right call on an important play to being the cook on game day, most football fans can relate to these scenarios.

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Are you ready to call Tony Romo and the Corona Hotline? If you do call, share with FoodSided Romo’s sage advice. Maybe throughout the season #FoodSided can offer some tasty tailgating advice, too. We know a good game day beach.