Tyler Florence hosts Bite Club, Food Network’s new culinary competition


Tyler Florence brings a new culinary competition to the Food Network. Bite Club pits talented chefs against each other in the ultimate kitchen battle.

Food Network and Tyler Florence are ready to crown the ultimate hometown chef champion. The new Food Network series, Bite Club, is a culinary throw down of epic proportions. From an unfamiliar kitchen to secret ingredients, these chefs must quickly adapt. Only one chef will be crowned champion.

This new Food Network show is similar to a culinary fight club scenario. Several chefs are through into a cooking competition with bragging rights on the line. It might not be the most acclaimed chef in the room who wins the title, rather it is the best chef of the night who obtains glory.

Judges Chris Pandel and Alisha Elenz sample Diego Lopez Amat’s Paella under the watchful eye of host Tyler Florence, as seen on Bite Club, Season 1., photo provided by Food Network

One interesting aspect to this culinary competition is the fact that the first challenge is a game of chance. While five chefs hope to compete, two chefs will become judges. Could these two booted competitors be more critical of the dishes because they didn’t have the opportunity to cook?

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  • Bite Club is a six-episode series. The culinary competition takes place in Chicago, Savannah, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Charleston and Nashville. These cities have legendary culinary culture. Any foodie could probably name numerous celebrated chefs, acclaimed restaurants and iconic dishes from these locals. While the competitors have established themselves in their city, can they handle the twists in this competition?

    According to the Food Network, the first episode is set in Chicago. One of the secret ingredients for the competition is gator. That ingredient isn’t common in the Windy City. It appears that this competition will push the chefs comfort level with various ingredients. After all, no Food Network culinary competition is ever simple or easy.

    While each city will crown a Bite Club champion, it would be interesting to see a competition of winners. All the winners could go to a neutral city to have a cooking throw down. Wonder which chef and city would achieve ultimate bragging rights?

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    Bite Club, hosted by Tyler Florence, will debut on Thursday, September 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network.