Duff Goldman partners with Kellogg’s on creative cereal menu


Duff Goldman is creating an innovative dining experience, with a little help from Kellogg’s cereal. Are you ready for cereal inspired dining?

Kellogg’s NYC Café is getting an innovative dining experience. Duff Goldman, celebrated chef and Food Network personality, has partnered with Kellogg’s on an exclusive fall event. On September 12 and 13, the Kellogg’s NYC café will have special dining event created by Chef Duff. While the menu is cereal inspired, it is time to think beyond the breakfast bowl.

This special collaborative project will have foodies, cereal fans and Food Network fans lining up to taste these cereal-inspired dished. While cereal will play a role, the event’s theme is the bounty of the harvest. Fall is an amazing time for warm, comforting flavors. From root vegetables to earthy spices, the foods bring a sense of comfort and fulfillment in every bite.

Just in time for fall, on September 12 and 13, Kellogg’s and Duff Goldman are teaming up to offer an exclusive and exhilarating dining experience for foodies and restaurant-goers. (PRNewsfoto/Kellogg Company)

Chef Duff’s menu will feature these warm spice flavors. Guests can even expect a few sneak peaks of Kellogg’s new offerings, like Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes. It will be exciting to see how Goldman the sweeter cereal flavors into savory dishes. While Food Network fans know Chef Duff from Charmed City Cakes and the Baking Championship shows, he is a talented chef (he was a stagiere at French Laundry).

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  • This event isn’t the first time that Kellogg’s showcased the versatility of cereal. The Kellogg’s café has offered various types of non-traditional cereal dishes. Also, Kellogg’s sponsored Taste Talks events that invited celebrated chefs to offer their spin on a traditional cereal. One of my favorites was the creation by Jessica Koslow of Sqirl. Her Stir Up Breakfast creation featuring Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes is still etched in my food memories.

    A special pop-up event, like this one, really helps both the cereal fan and the foodie to think beyond the cereal bowl. Cereal can offer a huge flavor punch to a variety of dishes. Also, it can add texture to a dish, which can make it even more satisfying. Overall, this type of promotion helps to promote more creativity in the kitchen and elevates the food discussion.

    While many people will clamor for a ticket to this special Chef Duff menu, the event is more than just the food served. The “pay what you want event” has all donations benefiting No Kid Hungry. This organization helps to end childhood hunger. Additionally, guests can purchase a Chef Duff designed cereal bowl which benefits the charity.

    Are you ready for the Duff Goldman and Kellogg’s dining experience? Reservations are available on OpenTable now. Maybe Kellogg’s and Chef Duff will share some of the recipes after the event concludes.

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