Dorm Eating 101: 4 foods that college students crave


As college students head back to campus, do you know your dorm eating 101? Four foods top students’ favorite food lists. Is your room well stocked?

Ready for Dorm eating 1010? College students crave certain foods. As back to school season heads into full force, do you know the four foods that top college students must have list? Based on shopping behavior, Ibotta found that these foods top college students must have lists.

Ibotta found in their Dorm Room Eating 101 analysis, that college students are buying boxed meals, frozen foods, gum and candy. While these foods seem quite likely for college students, can those students maximize their shopping choices?

The four popular foods that college students crave are obvious choices. The foods represent convenient options that can keep them fueled for those all night study sessions. No one wants to have to just nosh on a bag of chips during an all-nighter.

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  • Even though many college students have a greater desire to eat better, convenience is still the driving many of their decisions. For example, frozen foods are a quick, easy choice. Still, those frozen foods can focus on vegetarian or healthy choices. Since many companies offer those type of options, it provides students with convenience and options that fit their lifestyles.

    Of course, indulgence isn’t off the table. Candy offers that sugar rush that can keep the energy high. Who didn’t need a bag of M&Ms or a Snickers bar to keep hunger at bay? While it might not be the most nutritious option on the table, it can help in the hungry moment.

    Additionally, gum is always a popular choice with college. While fresh breath is important, gum isn’t just a burst of mint. Some gum options, like Mars Wrigley’s Alert Caffeine Gum offers the same amount of caffeine as a ½ cup of coffee or a ½ can of an energy drink. With this type of gum, college students can get that caffeine boost in a convenient form. Plus, it is more cost effective than that morning coffee run.

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    Do you agree with this Dorm Eating 101 four foods that college students crave? What was your must have food when you were in college?