5 red wines to sip for National Red Wine Day


Ready to celebrate National Red Wine Day? These five red wines showcase the depth, complex and variety that red wine offers.

Red wines come in so many varietals that the wine aisle or wine list can be extremely overwhelming. Regions, grapes, styles, blends and a myriad of other descriptors can make your head spin. Sometimes you just want a glass of red wine. On National Red Wine Day skip the wine lesson and just enjoy a delicious wine.

While everyone has a different taste preference, some red wines are tasty no matter the occasion. Price doesn’t necessarily dictate that one wine is better than another. Also, bottle labels aren’t necessarily an indication of a better wine. Truthfully, personal taste preferences should always drive what you drink.

Josh Cellars Paso Robles Reserve, photo provided by Josh Cellars

If you are looking for some new red wine for National Red Wine Day, here are some of FoodSided’s top choices.

Josh Cellars Paso Robles Reserve

When many people think of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is often the first type that comes to mind. The bold, robust red wine is a favorite with many wine drinkers. The Josh Cellars Paso Robles Reserve is a full bodied wine with strong earthy tones. With hints of blackberry and coffee, this wine pairs well with heartier foods. A big juicy steak or even a hearty stew would be a nice pairing.

[yellow tail] Big Bold Red

For red wine drinkers that prefer a more approachable wine, the [yellow tail] Big Bold Red is a great choice. With a little sweetness, this red wine is very balanced. While there are some red fruit aromas, the fruit flavors are complimented with the warmth of the spices. While some people enjoy this wine with steak, it is quite pleasant just drunk on its own.

The Crossings Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a very subtle red wine. The Crossing Pinot Noir is a New Zealand wine that is very structured. The dark berry flavors are pure on the palate. The earthy savory notes are vibrant. This wine is definitely one to discover.

Skyfall Merlot

Sometimes Merlot gets a bad rap, but this red wine is definitely one to savor. The key to this wine is the acidic balance. While the wine is quite juicy, the cocoa notes add some complexity to the finish.

Clos de los Siete

South American wines are quite enjoyable. This Malbec is a blend of several varietals. While the aroma is quite strong, the fruitiness doesn’t overpower. Even with a hint of spice, this wine is a lovely blend and a great representation of the region. While a juicy burger is a great pairing, think outside of the box, too. A seafood salad can really bring out the nuanced flavors.

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Will you be celebrating National Red Wine Day? What are some of your favorite red wines? If you are raising a glass on the food holiday, tag us with #FoodSided. We will happily toast you back.