Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze is back, thank goodness for chocolate


Can Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze donuts make Fridays even sweeter? On certain Fridays, the chocolate donuts are even sweeter.

Do you love Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze donuts? The special chocolate glaze has donuts fans running to Krispy Kreme. The limited time offer was a huge hit with Krispy Kreme fans. Now, everyone can satisfy that chocolate glaze donut craving on first Fridays.

According to Krispy Kreme, the first Friday of the month will be Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze day. Starting on September 7, the fan favorite chocolate glaze donut will be available at participating locations. The promotion will happen on the first Friday of every month, while supplies last.

This new offering is a direct response to fans’ craving for the chocolate glaze donuts. Previous promotions were met with extreme demand. This new offering shows that Krispy Kreme is listening and wants to appease its loyal customers.

The brand is tagging this promotion as TGIC, Thank Goodness It’s Chocolate. A play on the tradition, TGIF, Fridays are better with chocolate. Chocolate can make that last day before the weekend a little sweeter.

While fans love this chocolate glaze donut, it is doubtful that it will be a permanent, every day item. Part of the reason that fans love this donut is because it isn’t always available. When something is a limited edition, special release, people will clamor to get their hands on it.

It is curious that Krispy Kreme picked the first Friday of the month for this promotion. Granted, the date is easy to remember, but is there another reason why? Who hasn’t brought a few donuts into the office on Friday to share? Maybe first Fridays are the most popular time to purchase donuts. It seems doubtful that the date was picked randomly.

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Will you be celebrating Thank Goodness It’s Chocolate with the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze donuts? If there’s a store near FoodSided, we might be enjoying a few (or a dozen), too.