Russell Wilson set to appear on iconic Wheaties box


Got your Wheaties? Football season is revving up with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson set to appear on the iconic cereal box.

Wheaties is known for celebrating remarkable athletes. The newest athlete to be featured on the iconic orange box is Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback joins former cereal box athletes like Michael Phelps, Muhammed Ali and many, many more. As regular season football kicks off this week, Wilson could inspire future athletes.

For some people, the classic cereal was known by the infamous tag line, Better Eat Your Wheaties. The idea that this Breakfast of Champions would help fuel athletic greatness is part of pop culture. The whole grain flakes and vitamins has been a morning tradition for almost 100 years. Many kids have stared at the iconic orange box and dreamed of the day that their face could be on that box.

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  • Today’s announcement is an interesting choice for the cereal company. Wilson fought to overcome his critics during his football career. Instead of agreeing with people who thought that he was too short to be a quarterback, Wilson cultivated his mobility to become a legendary quarterback. His story can motivate any athlete who was told that he wasn’t the right build or was told no during his athletic career.

    Wilson’s foundation, Why Not You Foundation, is based on his father’s ideal, “why not you.” Young people benefit from the encouragement and empowerment. By focusing on the positive and preparing themselves for tomorrow, today’s youth can feel that anything is possible.

    In today’s crowded cereal aisle, it will be interesting to see if this announcement will drive more sales to the classic cereal. With all the season flavors, creative combinations and trending ingredients, the classic cereal can get overlooked. Maybe a sense of nostalgia and athletic empowerment can bring people back to iconic cereal.

    Sometimes football fans buy these boxes, not for the cereal, rather just for the box itself. Personally, my family has an unopened box of Wheaties celebrating a Super Bowl win. These boxes can become collector items for sports fans. It goes to show that sometimes these cereal boxes are more than just food in a breakfast bowl.

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    The Russell Wilson Wheaties box is set to hit store shelves in October. Will you be buying one?