MasterChef casting: Could you be the next MasterChef?


MasterChef casting is having several open calls across the U.S. Could you be the next MasterChef and be crowned Season 10 winner?

MasterChef fans get ready. MasterChef casting is hosting open calls throughout the U.S. These castings are your opportunity to impress the culinary elite. Do you think that you have what it takes to be mentored by Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich?

MasterChef is now casting for Season 10. Some cities are hosting these events. You must pre-register to attend. Also, there are several requirements for anyone who decides to try out.

According to the casting call website, the contestants must bring one prepared dish to be served to the judges. (No Gordon won’t be there). Also, the contestants won’t have an onsite kitchen for prep. Whatever dish that you bring can’t be heated, cooked or warmed up. While contestants will have time to plate, it is just plating, nothing more.

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  • Thinking about the dish, potentials contestants should be thoughtful with their dish. While not stated on the website, the dish needs to represent your cooking style and be thoughtful. Don’t bring a dish that has 25 ingredients that needs tweezers to plate.

    Also, bring a dish that can be survive the time in line. For example, a crudo isn’t going to be taste good after being unrefrigerated for several hours. Or, a dish that should be extremely hot won’t taste good cold.

    Even though a thoughtful dish is a component of this audition, the most important factor to remember is to present an authentic self. Don’t try to be something that you aren’t. Sure, a compelling story is important, but don’t become a character. No one wants to watch a person who is putting on a façade. It doesn’t matter if the cooking ability is exceptional when a person is just putting on an act.

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    Would you want to try out for MasterChef? Check out the MasterChef casting


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