Godiva reimagines the chocolate truffle with G Cubes Collection


Godiva is modernizing the classic chocolate truffle with its new G Cubes Collection. From new flavors to sleek design, this collection is a must try for chocolate lovers.

Ready for a sensory, chocolate truffle experience? The new Godiva G Cubes Collection modernizes the traditional Belgium chocolate without losing its heritage. This just released chocolate collection takes an inventive twist on the traditional truffle. From the shape to the flavor combinations, the G Cubes Collection will be a must try for chocolate lovers.

According to Godiva, the new G Cubes Collection features a total of 10 flavors. Milk, white and dark chocolate options with sophisticated flavor combinations highlight this collection. There is even a limited edition milk chocolate pumpkin spice truffle for those PSL lovers.


Looking at Godiva’s list of flavors, the two truffle flavors that sound the most intriguing are the Milk Chocolate Match and the Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Ganache. The dark chocolate flavors are also delicious, but those flavors tend to be more classic chocolate truffle combinations.

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  • Thinking about the Milk Chocolate Matcha, this truffle focuses on a food trend. Matcha has seemed to have popped up everywhere. The key to this truffle being successful is to highlight the earthiness of the matcha without overpowering the milk chocolate shell. Since it is Godiva, the chocolatier will surely have the balance perfected.

    The second flavor, the Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Ganache is another popular food trend. Salted caramel hasn’t fallen in popularity. While I generally prefer dark chocolate with salted caramel, this particular truffle sounds delightful. The milk chocolate caramel ganache should make your taste buds happy.

    In addition to the creative flavors, Godiva has modernized the shape of these chocolate truffles. The sleek, cube chocolates offer an elevated twist on the tradition. While the inside of the truffle is soft and luscious, the precision of the cube is striking. The combination presents a ying and yang of the chocolate experience. It could be akin to indulging in the chocolate delight without a pain of guilt for the indulgence.

    Even the colorful cube packaging entices consumers to satisfy their chocolate craving. Whether they seek a tradition truffle combination or something more on trend, Godiva encourages chocolate fans to indulgence and savor each bite.

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    Are you ready to experience a new Godiva G Cubes Collection chocolate truffle? One bite and you might be in chocolate nirvana.