Jägermeister is now the Official Shot of the NHL


Do you love Jägermeister? In a recent brand partnership announcement, the herbal liqueur is now the Official Shot of the NHL.

How will you celebrate that epic slapshot goal this NHL season? Why not enjoy the Official Shot of the NHL, Jägermeister. With this recent partnership agreement, the NHL and Jägermeister will offer various promotions throughout the upcoming hockey season. Are you ready for that ice cold shot?

Jägermeister is German for “Master Hunter.” Considered the number one selling imported liqueur in the U.S., the herbal liqueur has a wide following. With its herbal qualities, the flavor is quite distinct. Often served as an ice cold shot, the spirit is popular as the go-to shot in big moments. From celebrating a pivotal score to toasting a big win, Jägermeister is often in the center of the action.

This new brand partnership will feature several events throughout the season. From activations at NHL Winter Classic, the NHL All-Star Weekend to other fan promotions, fans will have many opportunities to imbibe in an ice cold shot.

Jägermeister cocktail, photo by Cristine Struble

The classic Jägermeister has a very distinct aroma. Combining citrus and clove, one sniff and you know that it can only be one drink. Add to that aroma the rich, dark brown color. There is nothing comparable to the German liqueur.

While this partnership focuses on the idea of the ice cold shot, shots aren’t the only way to enjoy Jägermeister. While the liqueur’s flavor is quite distinct, it can be a delightful when incorporated into a cocktail.

At a previous National Restaurant Association Show, the Star of the Bar competition featured Jägermeister cocktails. These type of cocktails showcased that the herbal liqueur can be subtle and quite beautiful. When balanced well, these cocktails are an elevated sip.

Many of those cocktails used tropical flavors to balance the herbal qualities of the liqueur. While never being overly sweet, the layers of flavors were quite noticeable. The cocktails tended to build and evolve with each sip.

Are you ready to toast the Official Shot of the NHL?