Give your breakfast a probiotic boost that will fuel your day


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not give that meal a probiotic boost that fuels the whole day.

What does your breakfast look like? While people know the importance of adding a probiotic boost to their morning routine, that plain cup of coffee can be all too tempting. Although consumers want convenience, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice smart food choices.

Probiotics are believed to help digestion and overall gut health. Various types of food and supplements include this component. Yogurt, kefir and kombucha are common foods with probiotic components. These foods, and the probiotic boost, are popular food trends.

Although the probiotic trend is popular, it is often served in cold and/or liquid form. For many people wanting a warm, comforting breakfast on a cold morning, these options can be less satisfying. Additionally, some people feel more satisfied when they eat, not drink, their breakfast.

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  • thinkThin has been a leader in creating delicious and nutritious food. From its high-protein bars to its non-GMO ingredients in its oatmeal, this brand is committed to creating delicious food with health conscious components.

    Building on its successful, Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal, thinkThin has created a Protein & Probiotics Hot Oatmeal. This hot bowl of oatmeal has the wellness benefits of probiotics served in a way that is satisfying. Available in three flavors, Cinnamon Almond, Maple Pecan and Blueberry Harvest, these oatmeals are a delicious way to start the day.

    Growing up, my mother used to say that oatmeal was a great way to start the day because it would stick your ribs. That simplistic saying was a little silly but had a strong point. Oatmeal can be a hearty breakfast that can fuel your day.

    Recently, I had the opportunity to try the three new thinkThin Protein & Probiotics Hot Oatmeal. While I understand the importance of probiotics, I prefer to eat, not drink, my breakfast. The idea that probiotics can be added to my bowl of oatmeal was quite appealing.

    thinkThin Protein & Probiotics Oatmeal Blueberry Harvest flavor. (PRNewsfoto/thinkThin)

    According to thinkThin, each serving of this oatmeal has 1 billion CFUs of live probiotics, 6 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. At 200 calories or less, this bowl of oatmeal pleases while still keeping healthy eating in check. Plus, each individual serving comes in its own convenient serving container.

    One of the reasons why I appreciate this thinkThin oatmeal is because it offers the probiotics that I want without the dairy component. Add to the convenient, on the go container, this oatmeal is perfect for breakfast or just a quick afternoon snack. Now, my pantry has several containers on the shelf.

    Additionally, the three flavors are quite yummy. If I had to pick my favorite flavor, I would recommend the Maple Pecan. The combination is slightly sweet, yet nutty. For a special treat, I add a few extra pecans on top to increase the textural component of each bite.

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    The thinkThin Protein & Probiotics Hot Oatmeal is available at Walmart and online at

    Have you tried this new oatmeal yet? What is your favorite breakfast that has a probiotic boost? Share you breakfast with us by using #FoodSided on social media.