Taco Bell takes National Taco Day celebrations global


Ready to celebrate “seasoned beefings?” Taco Bell is taking National Taco Day celebrations global so that everyone can enjoy taco excitement.

The countdown has begun to National Taco Day. This year, Taco Bell is making the annual celebration of the beloved taco is even bigger. From down the street to a world away, everyone is ready to get excited about the craveable taco.

National Taco Day is October 4. For the second year, Taco Bell is bringing back a fan favorite, the $5 National Taco Day Gift Set. This gift set includes four tacos, one crunchy taco, one nacho cheese Doritos Locos Taco, and one fiery Doritos locos taco and one Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. If this gift box doesn’t curb your taco craving, nothing will.

While the food holiday is a huge occasion in the U.S., Taco Bell is looking to have all its global locations to join the taco celebration. Taco Bell has expanded its brand into 30 countries. From Sri Lanka to Finland, everyone is enjoying the iconic Taco Bell menu. The global celebrations will include free tacos and free merchandise with purchase.

U.S. fans can look forward to the return of the $5 National Taco Day Gift Set to Taco Bell restaurants nationwide on October 4. (photo provided by Taco Bell)

For this year’s taco holiday celebration, Taco Bell is looking to expand the festivities beyond just the food. A new animated story, “Glen and the Magic Taco” will share the Taco Bell’s origin story behind the taco food holiday. While this story might not be like the classic holiday tales (think Ruldolph and Frosty), it could be a tasty classic. While the exact details for the story aren’t clear, the main characters are Glen Bell, Taco Bell’s founder and “El Cruncho.” Wonder who is or who is playing, “El Cruncho.”

This entertaining story begs the question, what is a “Magic Taco” and which taco on the Taco Bell menu could be that special taco. Limiting the choices to just the tacos in the Taco Day gift set, I think that the magic taco is the nacho cheese Doritos Locos Taco. That classic flavor is pure magic to taco fans.

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Will you be celebrating National Taco Day with Taco Bell? Whether you buy a gift set or just a single crunchy taco, don’t miss this food holiday.