Food to eat while watching Big Bang Theory final season premiere


Tonight is the Big Bang Theory final season premiere. Why not enjoy one of these foods that are favorites of the show’s characters.

Excited (and sad) that tonight is the Big Bang Theory final season premiere? Fans of the show have watch Penny, Sheldon and Leonard antics throughout the years. While not necessarily a food TV show, this series has a big connection to food. How many episodes have shown the characters sitting on the couch eating, going to the Cheesecake Factory or indulging in another glass of wine?

While the show will live on through reruns, why not enjoy a meal or two in honor of some of the series’ favorite moments. Fans don’t have to adhere to Sheldon’s rigorous food schedule (do you know which night is for Thai food?), but no one would question an extra glass of wine while watching tonight’s episode.

If you are unsure what to eat while watching the Big Bang Theory final season premiere, DoorDash has compiled some tasty food choices for episode watching. The “on-demand destination connecting customers with the best national and local restaurants” recommends the following character food pairings for fans of the show.

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Everyone knows that Sheldon has a specific food schedule. Why fans aren’t required to follow this “Sheldonite” schedule, they can borrow a few ideas from his regimented ways. For example, kick off your Monday morning with some plain oatmeal from Jamba Juice. For Tuesday, skip the tacos and order a BBQ bacon cheeseburger from The Cheesecake Factory. Just remember to order the BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese on the side.


Have you ever noticed that it always wine o’clock in Penny’s world? Luckily, DoorDash can bring you wine from BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse and every day of the week. Aww, sweetie, wine can always make it better.


Raj’s food choices are slightly confusing. Anyone else remember the episode where Indian food didn’t agree with his stomach? Still, Raj is somewhat the foodie of the group. He loves his dinner parties and themed events. Why not order a Cafe au Leia or Chai Tea-3PO from Dunkin’ Donuts. Sure, it is a little silly, but that’s part of the fun.


Fans of the show remember that poor Leonard is lactose intolerant. It has been a running punchline throughout all the seasons. Why not order cheese-less pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.

Howard & Bernadette

The parents of two little kids are constantly tired. Start the day with a breakfast and a caffeine fix from Canter’s Deli. For dinner, recall Howard and Bernadette’s first Valentine’s Day date with an order from PF Changs. Wonder if that fortune cookie would have predicted this couple’s future?


The new Mrs. Cooper has a few favorite foods of her own. While she had to adapt to the Sheldonite schedule, she started the series with a few of her own food quirks. Remember how she ordered tepid water on her first date with Sheldon? Why not go with a sweeter choice like her favorite chocolate chips pancakes from IHOP.

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Will you be watching the Big Bang Theory final season premiere? What food will you be enjoying? Personally, I’ve got a bottle of wine chilling for tonight’s episode.