Quench more than your thirst with V8+Hydrate


Everyone knows that proper hydration is quite important. While settle for plain water when V8+Hydrate is a much tastier choice to quench your thirst.

Have you heard of V8+Hydrate? A new beverage from Campbell Soup Company is looking to change how people think about hydration beverages. Harnessing the nutrients of sweet potatoes, this new beverage will definitely change how consumers think about hydration.

From a morning workout to just hot temperatures, staying hydrated is important to feeling good. While water is always a good choice, plain water can be just boring. But, consumers are becoming savvier when it comes to beverage choices. Water provides lots of benefits, but electrolytes and glucose are imperative to restore the nutrients to a person’s system.

In addition to proper hydration, eating enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is stressed from an early age. Getting people excited about eating a plate of greens isn’t the easiest task. People want convenient, easy ways to consume those fruits and vegetables that they know are important.

V8+Hydrate Orange Grapefruit, photo provided by V8

Over the years, people have become accustom to grabbing a traditional V8, knowing that this drink offered a serving of vegetables. Over the years, the brand expanded beyond that traditional tomato based drink into fruit infused offerings as well. Now, with the new V8+Hydrate, the brand tackles a growing beverage category, hydration.

Unlike other hydration beverages, the V8+Hydrate uses sweet potato juice in its beverage. While I know that potatoes are a good source of potassium, I had never heard of using sweet potato juice in a hydration beverage. According to the company, “V8 discovered sweet potato juice as an ideal vegetable to deliver superior hydration.” The sweet potato juice offers a “nutrient balance of natural electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and glucose (your body’s preferred fuel source).”

As more consumers are concerned about ingredients, the use of sweet potato juice is quite intriguing. Instead of using additives, V8 focuses on a plant-based alternative to harness hydration properties. Consumers can feel better about choosing a beverage that focuses on plant-powered hydration.

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  • Of course, the scientific and nutritional benefits are important but consumers often focus more on taste. Many people will pass over the high nutrient food for a better tasting alternative. Luckily the V8+Hydrate offers a clean, crisp taste that is quite enjoyable.

    Personally, I was slightly unsure how sweet potato juice would affect the overall taste of this beverage. The sweet potato juice works beautifully with the three flavors of this line. The three flavors, Strawberry Cucumber, Coconut Watermelon and Orange Grapefruit. The bright fruit flavors are predominate yet nothing over dominates the individual flavors’ tastes.

    While many people grab that cup of coffee in the morning, that morning staple may not be the best choice for better nutritional choices. Personally, I have come to replace that coffee with V8+Hydrate after my morning workout. Even though I hydrate during my workout, the Orange Grapefruit beverage is satisfying and refreshing. Plus, at only 45 calories per 8 ounce can and a full serving of vegetables, I am not negating all that hard work that I did at the gym.

    Also, my children are grabbing these hydration beverages. As athletes, they are always looking for drinks to keep them hydrated and energized during a competition or after a workout. Whether they grab them after swim practice or pack them in their school lunch, I, as a parent, feel good about their beverage choice because of the vegetables and vegetable based hydration.

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    V8+Hydrate is available at various retailers. A 6-pack retails for approximately $4.99.

    Are you ready to quench more than your thirst? Crack open a V8+Hydrate and experience the new taste of hydration.