Which Ben & Jerry’s Limited Batch Flavor would you bring back?


Which ice cream flavor would you choose? Ben & Jerry’s is enlisting its fans to bring back one Limited Batch Flavor.

Are you ready to cast your vote for a favorite Limited Batch Flavor? Ben & Jerry’s is ready to bring back one of its Limited Batch Flavors. But, they powers that be can’t decide which flavor should return to the freezer. Now through October 9, ice cream fans can cast their vote. Which flavor will you choose?

According to Ben & Jerry’s, the beloved ice cream company has decided to bring back one of its Limited Batch Flavors. Fans can choose from the six flavors up for consideration. The flavors are:

•Candy Bar Pie
•Chocolate Cherry Garcia
•Nutty Caramel Swirl
•One Love
•Peanut Butter Half Baked
•Phish It’s Ice…. Cream

Fans can vote at http://www.benjerry.com/flavors/limited-batch-flavor-poll. The winner will be announced in December. But, the biggest question on the table is, which flavor would you choose?

Looking at the six flavors under consideration, I have one definite favorite. While all the flavors are quite yummy, some of the flavors are similar to each other. Peanut butter fans have several options. Of course, the chocolate fans can’t be overlooked. Still, these options don’t tempt my taste buds.

My vote goes to Phish It’s Ice Cream. Not because of the name, which is a fun play on words. I choose this ice cream flavor because it is made with caramel malt ice cream. Sure, fudge fish are cute, but the caramel malt flavor is different than the typical ice cream choices. Add to that flavor the almond toffee pieces, fudge fish and caramel swirl and I’ve eating an entire pint while sitting on the couch. (don’t judge).

While I have my personal favorite, the comments on the Ben & Jerry’s voting page are quite interesting. Many fans are looking for peanut free options. It is curious that more ice cream companies don’t offer an ice cream with sunbutter or peanut butter alternatives.

Also, fans seem to be asking for Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. While this flavor wasn’t on the voting list, it seems to be a cult favorite. That flavor sounds like a twist on a homemade ice cream sandwich. The simple, yet delicious, combination of vanilla ice cream and oatmeal cookies is quite iconic.

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Are you ready to vote to bring back a Ben & Jerry’s Limited Batch Flavor? Which ice cream flavor would top your list?