Sam’s Club most ordered grocery item isn’t what you expect


Do you shop at Sam’s Club? With its Instacart national expansion, can you guess the most ordered grocery food from all those online orders?

Sam’s Club has been known for its grocery shopping value. Whether you shop large bulk items or just a weeknight dinner, this retailer is a favorite with all types of shoppers. Recently, the brand has announced a national expansion with Instacart. Now, you can shop the retail giant from the comfort of your couch.

According to the brand, the national expansion will offer “grocery deliver to nearly 1,000 new zip codes and 100 new clubs.” This expansion joins many other brands that have expanded into online grocery sales and delivery. The added convenience is what consumers demand in this very crowded retail space.

In conjunction with this announcement, Sam’s released a list of the most ordered grocery items. Looking at this list of 10 foods, it is a little surprising. Instead of snacks, beverages and junk food, consumers’ top picks are fruit.

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  • The Sam’s Club top five selling items from all orders are:
    Member’s Mark Water
    Rotisserie Chicken

    Looking at this list of five items, it appears that buyers are looking for healthier options. Whether it is a last minute dinner option, like rotisserie chicken, or fruit, these choices seem to be family friendly. What household doesn’t have at least a couple of bananas on the counter?

    With the top three ordered items being fruits, it shows that people can, and will, eat healthy when presented with that option. The convenience of having groceries delivered means that processed, mass produced foods don’t have to be the only option. When people have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, they will take advantage of it.

    One curious items comes from this list. Often consumers want to see, touch and feel produce. Consumers want to ensure that the food is fresh, bruise free and looks good. With produce being a top choice for delivery, consumers must feel that Sam’s produce is high quality and they trust the store to carefully choose their food.

    Grocery delivery is growing more and more. Consumers want convenience for their busy lives. As long as quality is maintained this shopping method will continue.

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    Have you ordered groceries from Sam’s Club and Instacart? Is there something that you wouldn’t order online?