Observe Dia de los Muertos with these beer-tail recipes


Are you observing Dia de los Muertos? The Day of the Dead events might have sugar skulls, but these beer-tail recipes are quite tasty.

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration where family and friends pay homage to family and friends who have passed away. This three day celebration is often filled with numerous remembrances. From the intricate sugar skulls to sharing tamales at the family table, the annual event is filled with tributes, memories and food.

While some traditional events feature pulque, a heavy yeasty drink, modern celebrations prefer to focus on favorite drinks of those people being remembered. Additionally, other drinks focus on the meaning behind the celebration.

Recently, Modelo created a few beer-tail recipes for Dia de los Muertos. These recipes combine Modelo, a popular Mexican beer, with tequila, another popular Mexican spirit. The drinks’ names reflect some of the thoughts and symbols of the celebration as well.

The three beer-tail cocktails are The After Life, La Vida Eterna (Eternal Life) and The Revival. While the names don’t necessarily conjure the flavor of each cocktail, they do apply to the annual Mexican celebration.

Dia de los Muertos cocktail, The Revival, photo provided by Modelo

Looking at these three cocktails, my personal favorite is The Revival. Modelo was gracious enough to provide a copy of the recipe.

"The RevivalIngredients:12 oz. Modelo Especial®2 oz. Fresh grapefruit juice3/4 oz. Casa Noble® Crystal Tequila1/2 oz. Agave2 Jalapeno slicesLong grapefruit snapPreparation:Step 1: Add grapefruit juice, tequila, agave and jalapeno slices to a shaker filled with ice.Step 2: Muddle thoroughly.Step 3: Shake well over ice.Step 4: Pour through a strainer into a highball glass with ice.Step 5: Top with Modelo Especial."

This cocktail is similar to a Paloma, which is made with grapefruit soda and tequila. This version using real grapefruit juice and jalapeno brings a much more robust flavor to the cocktail.
Also, adding the Modelo Especial as the floater lightens the whole beverage. Similar to a sparkling wine floater, this addition adds vibrancy with the bubbles and rounds out all the flavors.

The other two cocktails, The After Life and La Vida Eterna (Eternal Life), are similar riffs on classic cocktails. The After Life has flavors similar to a margarita. Lime offers the tartness while chili powder adds a bit of heat. By adding the beer to this cocktail, the sourness of the lime is less pronounced.

In La Vida Eterna, the primary flavor is pear cider. While apple cider is popular during the fall, pears are generally a winter fruit. This cocktail combines the sweetness of the pear with blackberries and thyme. The combination of herbs and fruit makes this cocktail quite elevated. It is definitely worth a sip.

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Whether you celebrate Dia de los Muertos or are looking for a new cocktail to try, these beer-tail recipes from Modelo are quite tasty. They might be worth a sip beyond November 3.