Midterms got you stressed? Sip on an Election Day cocktail

Midterms and political discussions are getting heated. Are you ready to find some common ground by sipping on an Election Day cocktail?

As the midterms and politics invade every facet of the news cycle, there is no escaping the political chaos. Red, blue, conservative, liberal and a myriad of other descriptive terms are hurdled at a rash pace. Maybe if everyone took a moment to sip on an Election Day cocktail, we could find some common ground.

First, let me be honest, one cocktail won’t solve the world’s problems. It won’t make a liberal and a conservative agree on policy. Also, a cocktail isn’t the only choice to drown your sorrows, celebrate a win or just block out reality. The idea is that maybe these cocktails could be a way to see beyond all the rhetoric and heated banter.

The Watergate Hotel, yes that hotel, has created two cocktails to sip on while watching the Election Day coverage. The two cocktails are:
• The Elephants Trunk,  featuring vodka, lime, marchino liquor, cranberry juice and triplum luxardo, is the red cocktail.
• The Running Mate, featuring rum, blue curacao, lime, licor 43, orgeat syrup, and is the blue cocktail.

The two cocktails feature the classic red (conservative) and blue (liberal) colors. Whether people use the cocktails to visually show their affiliations is up to the drinker. It would be interesting to see if the more popular cocktail predicts the actual outcome of the midterms.

If you are in the Washington DC area, you can sip on these special cocktails. Each cocktail is $16 each.
While many people won’t be in the Nation’s Capital on Election Day, these cocktails can serve as inspiration for your own Election Day cocktail. While many people won’t be throwing an Election coverage watching party, it could be an interesting way to gauge people’s feelings.

For example, you could create your own red and blue cocktail. The question could become, would people choose the cocktail based on flavor, color or political affiliation. Would the staunch conservation put aside those deep rooted beliefs for a tropical, sea blue inspired cocktail? Maybe this little experiment could show that people aren’t that divided after all.

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Will you be sipping an Election Day cocktail while watching midterms coverage? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could find some more common ground than division?

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