University of New Mexico adds UNM branded beer, crack open El Lobo Rojo


Can you handle El Lobo Rojo? Albuquerque-based brewer Rio Bravo Brewing Co partnered with the University on this UNM branded beer.

El Lobo Rojo looks to be more than just another beer. The partnership between Rio Bravo Brewing Co and the University of New Mexico has created a beer that celebrates the school in several ways. Much consideration was given to taste, colors and even packaging. But, will fans crack one open?

According to the brewer, this beer, El Lobo Rojo, is a wheat beer that incorporates fresh cherry juice. With an ABV of 5.5%, it isn’t too heavy. Additionally, it uses Columbus and Crystal hops. The hop flavor is said to be distinct, but is balanced by the cherry.

It is curious that cherry flavor is used for this beer. While the color is the official color of the University, cherries aren’t common in the state. The Southern region tends to be too hot for the trees to perform well.

While I haven’t tried this particular beer, it could be a refreshing taste, especially on a hot day. Cherry and wheat can be a great flavor combination. The balance of sweet, tart and hop needs to be on point. If the beer lends too far sweet, some people may not be pleased. As long as all of the flavor components are apparent, this beer could be quite delightful.

The can design best represents the University. Beyond the red color, the can references the school fight song, the Sandia Mountains and New Mexico, itself. Based solely on looks, the can will surely be a hit with people affiliated with the University.

It is refreshing to see the university partner with a local, independent craft brewer. The distinct between craft breweries is becoming quite blurred. This particular brewer is truly a locally produced beer. Even if you aren’t a beer drinker, supporting local businesses with a tie to the school should be applauded.

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The new El Lobo Rojo will be available Dreamstyle Stadium and Dreamstyle Arena. Additionally, the craft beer will be available at the UNM’s Tap Room on the University’s campus, as well as select locations across the state.